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Facilitated Definition 2023, there is confirmation of revenue on the date of online application

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Facilitating the settlement of disputes with the tax authorities 2023 The Revenue Agency has announced the opening of online application submission. By when do you do that?

As it is known, thanks to the budget law of 2023, the Simplified definition It’s a big help for taxpayers.

Today’s information

On a special condition, namely Resolution No. On the first of this year, the Revenue Authority announced the details of calculating fines. In particular, the individual taxpayer will have to follow the administration’s instructions to set the 3% mini penalty for good notices.

With the aforementioned decision of January 13, the tax authorities made clarifications and provided illustrative practical examples on the topic of methods for applying the soft definition referred to in the last maneuver. It is known that this facilitated definition is part of the financial peace plan or the comprehensive armistice for the year 2023 to support taxpayers and their families in the event of a difficult economic crisis, due to the residual effects of the pandemic and the increase in electricity and gas prices. Here are some details on the related question.

Facilitated Resolution of Disputes with Tax Authorities 2023: The online application channel is active

Refers, for purposes of synthesis, to the full text of Resolution no. 1 from revenue on 13th January last, Available on this pageHowever, we would like to point out that among the innovations, there is the possibility of organizing the amounts due after the automatic control of advertisements in a soft way, while reducing the fees incurred by taxpayer and expanding the range of installment plans associated with small debts.

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What is particularly important to stress here is that the Revenue Agency has recently been informed of the commencement of the application submission procedure via the web in order to take advantage of Facilitated definition 2023. This is important to know because until recently it was possible to benefit from facilitated identification only by requesting with PEC.

The taxpayer has until June 30 to submit the relevant application.

How to benefit from facilitated dispute resolution 2023: Some clarifications

As mentioned, the online channel can now be used to submit applications in a digital format to facilitate the resolution of pending disputes, which see the taxpayer and the revenue agency in return. It is the normal way of filing applications for taxpayers who intend to file a dispute with tax authority.

If it was true that a provision made to the Director of the Revenue Agency last February 1 allowed the application to be submitted via authorized e-mail – pending the activation of the specified telematic dispatch service – now this last service must consider all exploitable implications by the parties concerned.

If one wonders how and what are the practical steps in which one is proficient Facilitated definition 2023 Disagreements We respond that the latter occurs with:

  • submitting an application via the web;
  • Pay the net amount due or the first installment by next June 30.

But be careful, because this intermittent facility in installments is not permitted if the amounts to be paid do not exceed the amount of one thousand euros.

Online application for each tax dispute

In order to make full use of the facilities for the taxpayer referred to in Budget Law 2023, Regarding the settlement of disputes with the tax authorities for the year 2023, we also recall that the maneuver made it clear that taxpayers They can specify Disputes for tax jurisdiction, to which the Revenue Agency is a party, are pending as of January 1, 2023 at every stage and level of the proceeding, including in cassation and also after referral. So it is a question of expanded application of this facilitation.

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Most recently, as mentioned, Revenue specified that applications must be submitted to the agency itself—directly by the taxpayer or through a responsible person—by the end of June with a web procedure located on the Revenue website. And above all, it is necessary to submit a single application to obtain Simplified definition For any independent tax dispute, i.e. relating to a single act under appeal.

For more details refer to Dedicated to revenue on the Internet.

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