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Solar Storm Warning Tonight (and Tomorrow) Danger on Earth: What Could Happen

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It will be the special Halloween that created the space for us. One can hit Earth tonight geomagnetic storm G3 class (among the strongest). The impending alert was triggered by NASA. The phenomenon of “explosion” that causes solar stormThe coronal mass ejection (CME), officially known as the coronal mass ejection (CME), was observed last Thursday on the side of the Sun directly facing our planet at a speed of more than 1,260 km/s. The strong solar flare, spotted by NASA’s Space Telescope, is rated among those with extreme intensity X1, and was emitted by AR2887 sunspots in the Sun’s southern hemisphere. The event produced a vibration that affected the entire surface of the Sun. Coronal mass ejections specifically consist in the release of large amounts of matter from the solar atmosphere, coming from the solar corona during powerful and long-lasting solar flares caused by large-scale magnetic instabilities. It is one of the most exciting events in solar activity, expelling billions of tons of plasma into space.

Magnetic Storm on Earth: Consequences

Results? It can vary, ranging from moderate, with an amazing phenomenon Northeast, to the most serious problems of satellites, interference in wireless communications and electronic devices, even black out. In South America, the event has already caused a shortwave radio blackout. The most likely consequences will be the aurora borealis, visible with the naked eye even at 50 latitude, and therefore also from Europe, such as Belgium, or in the United States from Oregon. And weaker storms can follow each other in the following days, when Tera It will be crossed by successive waves of CME.

Expert’s words

“X-Flare Now!” This is a tweet from space weather physicist Tamitha Skov.

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The ejection of solar particles was monitored by the US Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC), the organization that tracks weather events in space.

The doctor continued: «Expect amateur radio blackout on the day side of the Earth, particularly the USA, Canada, South America, Western Europe, and Africa (color areas in the map). «GPS reception problems until near sunrise and sunset in the next hour!»

Then the physicist added: «The sun storm that broke out during today’s X-FLARE is really straight from Earth!». In fact, NASA predictions confirm the impact by the beginning of October 31st. «Expect the aurora borealis at mid-latitude, as well as GPS reception issues and amateur radio outages on the night side of Earth!»

The Space-Time Monitoring Center said: «Analysis indicated that the CME departed from the Sun at a speed of 973 km / sec and is expected to reach Earth on October 30.». The effects are likely to last until October 31.

«However, one Tempesta G3 It has the ability to ward off the aurora borealis from its natural arctic home. If other factors come together, the aurora borealis can be seen in the far Northeast, the upper Midwest, and Washington State.». Get ready for an amazing Halloween that lacks technology.

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