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Calcio Promozinion – Castellana, a match that may not end here. With San Lazzaro you are not eligible

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Castel Goffredo The day after Governolese-Castellana, with a calm head, there was even more desire to talk about the derby match in which Goffredesi risks becoming a mine on the way to the playoffs. Besides the defeat itself, which did not jeopardize expectations, there would be disciplinary implications for the four expulsions.
«I don’t like to talk about refereeing – notes general manager Alessandro Novellini – but I have seen a tough referee who ended up losing the match out of control. However, we also lost our bearings, falling into avoidable provocations. I have to say, however, that at least two reds didn’t fit. Analyzing them one by one, Fei’s reaction was wrong, but at least half an hour of continuous provocation should be taken into account. The referee was on the field and he couldn’t keep calm. I have yet to understand Bonaccorsi’s double yellow, because the second wasn’t even a mistake. The last two are daughters of pulling for a push and pulling on a penalty kick, first given and then taken away, because the linesman had second thoughts about the throw-in. Hard to believe. And the penalties previously we had two ». «Healthy self-criticism, I repeat, is also necessary – and he concludes – because we need to be calmer, always and anyway. Without getting carried away.” “I expected more maturity from the experienced players,” says coach Alessandro Copelli instead. We’ve already said about the penalty, an episode like this was really surreal and did nothing but fan the spirits. But let’s go: the boys apologized and we need to think about the next engagement. We’ll have eight absences in the next derby with San Lázaro, which we will meet with the virtue of necessity ».
In fact, six are disqualified: in addition to Faye, Sangeorgiou, Bonaglia and Bonaccorsi, Gyamfi will be suspended for his fifth yellow card. The pizza had to serve two days, while Marangi and Misa were hit. Among the many anguished notes there is one happy one: the recovery of winger Esperanza, 2004, who made his debut on Sunday after a lengthy layoff with a ligament injury. In short: For Kast, there is still life, but there is also hope.

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