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The football lesson from Allegri and from the curve was teasing him

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Sarri walks out with broken bones from the Allianz Stadium in Turin with Lazio taking 3 perfect Juventus. Allegri gives a football lesson to the ex-Juventus coach and the chorus begins from the curve of the Biancocelesti coach.

“Juventus, you know, won Regino for advantage, low defensive stage, strong counter-attack. So they won a lot of games and trophies” I said it Maurizio Sarri In November 2021 in a statement issued to Radio Lazio Style attacking Juventus. The team that the Tuscany coach left in the summer of 2020 after winning what was the last Scudetto the Bianconeri won in the year of Covid and lockdown. Immediately after that period to 2020/2021 season Then Juventus decided to bet on Andrea Pirlo as a surprise, after the elimination in the Champions League, was able to finish only fourth in the Champions League on the last day thanks to Verona’s draw with Napoli.

Greetings between Maurizio Sarri and Massimiliano Allegri before the challenge begins.

Greetings between Maurizio Sarri and Massimiliano Allegri before the challenge begins.

Meanwhile, Sarri joined Lazio and tonight was expected to play at his best, even with poisoned teeth, to defeat his former team and take off a few pebbles after the Scudetto which Sarri described as ‘forgotten’. By Juventus. But the old lady’s 3-0 victory is a huge blow to end 2022 And fans of the curve before the triple whistle wanted to catch the attention of the coach from Setia: “Maurizio Sarri jumps with us”. It was he who replaced Allegri in the summer of 2019, effectively closing the first Max tournament with Juventus, and the Livorno coach never wanted as it was tonight to show all his skills to the Stia coach at the Bianconeri fortress.

The chorus that heard from the curve of the stadium was right after the trio that Milik signed. What he gained on the pitch was in fact a heavy result for Lazio on an evening when they certainly did not expect a defeat of this kind. Non-stop, the Biancocelesti struggle and Sarri was surprised on the field by Juventus’ dangerous position. On both sides, vertically and above all else, impassable in defense is able to close every space and close the match again without conceding a goal. This Juventus clearly impressed the Tuscan coach who never managed to put the Bianconeri in difficulty.

Sarri's Lazio slipped to fourth place in the standings after Torino's exit.

Sarri’s Lazio slipped to fourth place in the standings after Torino’s exit.

On social media, Juventus fans confirmed how many regretted the Stia coach because of the beautiful football he gave which, however, is not always seen in Juventus. The comparison with Allegri, at the moment, is still not holding because the second arrival of the Livorno coach to Juventus Turin, so far, was not the best. The defeat in the Champions League is still an open wound, but the return to the league began on October 15 with a clean goal against Torino. He gave way to a new atmosphere in the Juventus home, which could perhaps also calm the relations between the environment and his coach. “Sari didn’t understand anything tonight,” wrote one of them confirming the perfect Juventus dominance that perhaps tonight could actually start a new season starting in January 2023.

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