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Halo Infinite, Battle Passes Detailed By 343 Industries –

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infinite aura will use the gods Battle Pass In order to promote the free multiplayer sector, for example 343 industries He detailed how they work, and also introduced Season 1: Heroes of Reach.

The development team stated a few months ago that the progression of Halo Infinite Battle Passes will be based on challenges, and reiterated the concept by talking about interchangeability, i.e. the ability to activate a Battle Pass that we want as long as we use one at a time.

The The first season By Halo Infinite titled Arrival Heroes, will clearly include references to Halo: Reach, specifically the first armor core It will contain customizations inspired by the game.

What are the nuclei involved? In practice, equipping armor customizations that belong to the same group is a key element. The goal of the developers is to give users great freedom on an aesthetic level, so that they can repeat the style of the characters they prefer.

In addition to the customization elements, through the Battle Pass it will be possible to obtain various rewards, although from this point of view the developers have emphasized their desire not to make players feel obligated in some way to try their hand at these activities.

Coming back to the aesthetic factor, 343 Industries has also introduced an illegal armor in the game, which can be obtained by participating in the Break event, which will provide us with additional options to make Spartan unique.

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