Friday, March 1, 2024

Cassini, excellent assistant in the field of audiovisual rights abroad – football

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(ANSA) – ROME, May 5 – “After many years, the government accepted a joint application with the entire world of professional sports.” This was stated by the president of Lega Serie A, Lorenzo Casini, after the Cabinet approved the aid decree. “I thank Under Secretary Valentina Vezzali for her immediate understanding of the need and urgency to intervene – says Cassini – and I thank her and the government for listening to us: finally, audiovisual rights can be marketed abroad without restrictions or limits, facilitating increased revenue. A very important innovation that coordinates Italy and my league First class with what is happening in other countries of the world.”

To clarify the words of President Cassini, it is worth emphasizing that this evening the Cabinet approved the Aid Act Ordinance, in which some changes were made to the Milanri Ordinance of 2008, paying particular attention to the international audiovisual market. Sports competitions. Some restrictions that, over the years, have severely limited the marketing of rights abroad have been removed, such as a three-year limit or certain procedural obligations. Thanks to this measure, it will be easier for professional associations and competition regulators to negotiate audiovisual rights in other countries. In the case of the First Division, the higher revenue will benefit the entire football system, according to the general principle of mutuality already in place. (handle).

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