November 30, 2023

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Bravo Insign. You discovered the United States in Canada. But his deal is a lottery ticket that others cannot win.

Bravo Insign.  You discovered the United States in Canada.  But his deal is a lottery ticket that others cannot win.

Lorenzo Insigne’s Canadian adventure begins. Within hours, Insine had hit the media spotlight, sparking fan excitement. The official acquaintance with the Toronto shirt has not yet been set. Insigne is still officially Napoli player until June 30, so it can not be used by Canadians in any way. The new coach is waiting to start working with Bradley Insine, who has revealed to the coach that he wants to remove even a minor physical problem and improve his English.

In the meantime, being insigne is at least lucky. In fact, the Canadians beat their rivals from Atlanta in their first performance before the Insignia. Thanks to Insine’s goals, they aim to win a spot in the play-off area. (read more).

Operation Insine is Toronto’s bold investment. The right chooses a symbolic man to run the entire national movement. In 2026 Canada, along with the United States and Mexico will host the Football World Championship. The purpose of the Canadian League is to increase the quality and interest of the competition in view of the best international event. Ed InSign is one of the players who has done this job not only with technology but also with advertising.

It will not be easy. Football is struggling to take root throughout North America. In the United States, women’s football is higher than men’s football in terms of coaches and sponsors. In Canada, real national ice hockey and basketball (the Raptors won the NBA two years ago) competition is fierce. But who knows if Lorenzo Insane’s firing will not break the hearts of Canadian athletes.

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The pitch will speak. In the meantime, however, we can make two reflections on the Insine affair. The footballer has made a very bold career and career choice for himself and his family. He goes down another path and opens a new chapter in his life by projecting himself into an important cosmopolitan dimension. A significant change in perspective. Another aspect is salary. Double the number of a million is a luxurious and worthy achievement. But no co-worker can get the same fee. A ticket to the lottery rather than an actual estimate of the company’s relationship between investments and results. He should sign for what he has achieved, but his colleagues should reduce the demands. De Laurentis and all Serie A leaders are well aware of this.

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