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New PNRR tenders for SMEs in the sector

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The Directorate General of Contemporary Creativity at the Ministry of Culture launched new tenders, within the framework of the PNRR, intended for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), for-profit and non-profit organizations and associations operating in the cultural sectors.

With these new notices, the ministry aims to support companies that develop high-tech products and services with a low environmental impact.

In the context of PNRR NoThis initiative is part of Mission 1.”Digitization, innovation, competitiveness and cultureComponent 3 “Tourism and Culture 4.0 (M1C3)”, Action 3 “Cultural and Creative Industry 4.0”, Investment 3.3Capacity building for cultural operators to manage digital and green transformation“.

They turn It has allocated a total of 155 million euros. Of this total budget, 20 million euros It is the invested amount of calls specifically earmarked for sub-investment 3.3.4”Promote innovation and inclusive environmental designalso in relation to the circular economy and guiding the public towards more responsible behavior towards the environment and the climate “.

Ministry of Culture: the new PNRR calls for small and medium businesses in the sector

Public notice has a eg objective To provide support for cultural and creative sectorsThrough financial contributions, to implement activities, projects or products that aim to contribute to climate action, combine design with sustainability, and guide the public towards more responsible behavior towards nature and the environment.

The topics involved

coming Twenty million euros Intended for the following entities engaged in the supply chain of actions, activities or products aimed at promoting innovation and environmental design:

  • Micro and small cultural and creative projects (including cooperative societies)
  • third sector entities
  • recognized and unrecognized associations
  • Profit and not-for-profit organizations
  • establish
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All subjects defined in this manner must be selected as of 12/31/2021.

scope of activity

the areas of activity the following:

  • music;
  • audiovisual and radio (including film/cinema, television, video games, software, and multimedia);
  • fashion;
  • architecture and design;
  • visual arts (including photography);
  • live entertainment and festivals;
  • tangible and intangible cultural heritage (including archives, libraries and museums);
  • technique
  • to publish,
  • books and literature;
  • Interdisciplinary field (pertaining to subjects working in more than one area of ​​intervention among those listed).

The purpose of the interventions

the interventions Completed:

  • Implementation of activities, projects or products based on environmental design and sustainability, which also aim to increase public awareness of environmental issues;
  • The concept of tools and solutions to realize cultural events, activities and services with low environmental impact;
  • Implement strategic, organizational and operational planning procedures to formulate and implement development plans for governance and measure environmental impacts, including energy efficiency programmes;
  • Creation of cultural products with a strong didactic and educational component aimed at raising awareness of respect for the environment;
  • Realization of development activities and experimental models, aimed at ecological design of products and product recovery, reuse and recycling.


Suggestion can be submitted From 12:00 noon on May 11, 2023 and no later than 18:00 on July 12, 2023 Exclusively through the site

All orders received In accordance with the admission requirements set forth in the Public Notice, they will be Screened, evaluated and approved for financing according to one order of merit.

Useful documentation

Below you can refer to all documents related to the initiative:

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