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Bologna Airport, Ventola: “Travel with hand luggage only” – Chronicle

Bologna Airport, Ventola: “Travel with hand luggage only” – Chronicle

Bologna, July 16 2022 – Sarah Hot summer for those who fly. Not just for African weather. Many Italian and European airports seem unable to handle the tourism boom that followed the pandemic. Which saw peak traffic higher than in 2019. Shortcomings, delays, long queues, flight cancellations and strikes are now on the agenda.

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These are tough months for Marconi, too. between Traffic jams at the entrance to the parking lotCars in the third row Luggage clutterQueues at the security gates and check-in. “We are working to reduce inconvenience, but no one has a magic wand,” says Nazarino Ventola, CEO and general manager of the airport.

Engineer, is it going to be a tough summer for Marconi?

“Easy solutions that solve problems in a few weeks do not exist. It wouldn’t be serious to say otherwise. We are working. We ask passengers to be patient.”

What advice can you give to travelers during this period?

“Arrive at the airport early, to avoid potential queuing risks. And when possible, only travel with hand luggage.”


“This is the advice of the Ministry of Infrastructure, which many of my colleagues have taken from other Italian airports. I understand that it is not always possible, especially if you are on vacation. But it is a way to avoid shortcomings and long waits when loading and unloading.”

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A situation close to absurd. how did that happen?

“After the pandemic, handling companies, which also take care of terrarium and baggage activities, are struggling to find staff. It’s not a ‘Marconi’ problem. It’s a problem for airports across Europe.”

Here there are mountains of “abandoned” bags and carriages.

“It happens when planes arrive without passengers but full of luggage.”

How is that possible?

“When there are no staff at the departure airport, the plane leaves without baggage so that excessive delays do not accumulate. Then they are sent on another flight. This causes obvious inconvenience to the passengers.”

In the meantime, some strikes will be added tomorrow.

“It will be a difficult day, we are aware of it. We are all suffering from national strikes.”

There is also a local strike called by USB. They accuse you of “saving on personnel” and thus creating “massive damage to users”.

“This is not true. These are baseless statements. Between May and June alone, we have assigned 80 people, mainly to the security and control area. But also to assist passengers with disabilities and other operational tasks.”

However, many complain about the long queues, right at the controls.

“In general, in moments of heavy traffic, all the security gates are open, with a sufficient number of people. True, sometimes lines are created anyway. But they flow, and they are resolved at acceptable times.”

Many trips are concentrated in certain time periods. Can’t it be posted during the day?

“These are decisions that are up to the airlines.”

At certain times it is difficult even to get to the airport by car. How is that possible?

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“Low-cost airlines today account for 75% of traffic, compared to 55% in the pre-Covid period. Low-cost airlines tend to focus flights and passengers. Peak traffic is created, with clusters at the airport arrival roundabout. From our side, we We are doing our best to encourage the correct use of car parks and temporary car parks.”

When do you face the most difficult traffic situations?

“On weekends. However, in general, there is also the problem of complying with the rules. We see cars in double or triple rows, which creates an obvious obstacle. But we certainly cannot be punished. Now there is a greater presence of local police. But the ideal is to have You have a permanent protector.”