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The financial front is certainly one of the “most important fronts”. Meloni’s government. So timing makes the difference. For example, in the decree on the tax wedge, the Undersecretary of the Economy, Federico Freni, gave an exact time horizon, saying: “We are working so that it is valid from May.” However, on the tax return front, Deadlines for the 730 and for the pre-assembled model are approaching (Here is the news for 2023).

Deadlines for filing tax returns

A pre-compiled Form 730 will be available in the designated area of ​​the Revenue Agency’s website From May 2 and can be sent from May 11. Instead, the Form 730 must be submitted by September 30, 2023 to Café or to a qualified professional or withholding agent, if applicable. Pre-collected 730s can also be submitted by the taxpayer directly to the Revenue Agency, in this case subject to the October 2 deadline. Moreover, from this year, starting from April 20, it will be possible to delegate a trusted person Also online and via video call and extending the validity period of the agent up to three years.

730 pre-populated: what data does it contain

Since 2014, the Revenue Agency has made it available to retirees and employeesa pre-compiled Form 730 that shows income information already held by the Department of Finance It allows the form to be shown without changes, which reduces the risk of errors and documentary checks by the Revenue Agency on reported expenses related to deducted and charged fees.

As the National Institute of Accountants states, in addition to the information already in recent years (such as, for example, social security and welfare contributions, college expenses, nursery school costs, and those of restructuring and energy efficiency interventions) this year there will be new data, and on in particular, Expenses of postgraduate courses at state institutes for advanced training, technical and musical specialization, and rent expenses and brokerage expenses for the purchase of real estate used as first homes. If the declaration prepared in advance is submitted without modifications, the Revenue Agency only checks the existence of the subjective conditions that give the right to deductions, deductions and concessions, regardless of the manner in which the declaration is submitted.

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730 Precompiled: Changes and Receipt Nodes for Medical Expenses

In the case of a previously compiled return with adjustments, on the other hand, it is necessary to distinguish between direct filing or through a tax withholding agent and filing through a Caf or professional. In the first case, the Revenue Agency performs the formal examination only on the adjusted statements. On the other hand, in the case of applying through a coffee shop or a professional, the official examination is carried out against the broker. Only unadjusted health expenses for which documents and receipts are no longer required to be kept are excluded from the check.

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