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blackout risks | broccoli and diseases

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The Minister of Economic Development talked about the dangers of blackout. Some vegetables have been shown to be incompatible with some diets. And the fuel…

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It’s time for prices to rise on all fronts. The costs of facilities and raw materials. A depressing picture for sure if you think about how it affects the flow of our daily lives. Indeed, especially in a traditional time like December, between year-end assignments and those of the Christmas period. Which is of course It ends up having contradictory effects on citizenship, driven by tradition to spend more at least to keep the Christmas spirit alive, but also in the double-headed fist of taxes and inflation. But the issue of rising costs is not just about everyday life and exorbitant bills. There seems to be a big problem looming and responding to the name of something other than obfuscation.

Blackout threat, a dark spectrum over Europe

A rather tangible risk, talked about by the Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti. And this will not be attached to Italy, but to the whole of Europe. In practice, “compared to the current power supply structure”, the entire power transmission system can no longer withstand. Blame it on the lack of materials and the direct resultie, the increase in costs. This can lead the entire mechanism to levels of inefficiency due to a lack of sufficient stocks to ensure its operation. Which, along with the structural problems encountered last year in securing the system during the shutdown, created an explosive mix. So much so that the governments of some countries have already invited residents to stock up on food.

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A script almost similar to the movie but seems more realistic than you think. However, the risk of power outages goes hand in hand not only with the impossibility of ensuring lighting but also with the possibility of food storage. Mainly meat, fruits and vegetables. Speaking of the latter, their approach to health and well-being is rather straightforward. However, according to some experts, assonance is not always true. In fact, in the case of one of the most popular vegetables like broccoli, nutritionists follow the advice but with some precautions. This is because broccoli is one of the vegetables inside It is a source of nitrogen. This means that it is an ingredient that is able to interfere with iodine intake and thus be the basis of problems for those suffering from hypothyroidism. In fact, this pathology advises not to eat vegetables belonging to the cruciferous family. Among them, in fact, cauliflower and broccoli

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Fuel, good news about prices soon

There were rumors of a price hike. That affected practically all areas of daily life, from simple food supplies to the cost of utilities. Last but not least is the fuel. In fact, the price increase Especially observed in this regionThe difference in tariffs between the most severe period of the epidemic and the current period has become clear. It is a situation, however, at the moment that could undergo positive change.

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In fact, the cost of fuel will decrease even if the visual effects are still limited. For example, Eni applied a reduction of one cent per liter (for both gasoline and diesel). On the other hand, bees are 1.5 per liter. Thus, the numbers are lower, but only slightly. But the first step, Because it also includes other names in the sector (Q8, Tamuel). Favorable situation due to lower oil prices. At least from this point of view, there is no danger of a power outage …

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