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BMW X1 test, specifications, opinions and dimensions sDrive18i Essence X-Line

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Wonderful atmosphere

The third generation of BMW’s smallest SUV stretches just 5 centimeters (up to 450 centimeters) but looks much larger than that. Aesthetic effect resulting from the exquisite appearance of the new look BMW X1which have sculpted shapes and a raised front (with an enlarged visor). A more aggressive off-road appearance, indicating a break with the sober previous generations. The mechanisms were also revised, based on the regenerative platform (called Faar) for front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive BMWs, which was already used in the small 2 Series Active Tourer (over here first contact).

Lots of engines

there BMW X1 It offers a wide range of engines, all mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. The engine starts with a 136-horsepower 1.5-turbo gasoline only for testing, moving to the 170-horsepower mild hybrid, to which a 2.0 was added with 218 hp (the latter only for the all-wheel drive version). Diesel is 2.0150 hp, non-electrified and combined with front-wheel drive, or a mild hybrid with 163 or 211 hp for the BMW X1 4×4. There are two X1 hybrids with all-wheel drive: 245 or 326 hp and equipped with a new generation battery that promises an electric-only range of 91 km. The all-electric BMW X1 finally comes, also a 4×4, with 313 horsepower and, according to the house, a range of 440 kilometers on a single charge.

double choice

Between customizations and packages, a file BMW X1 It offers different configurations. However, there are three versions: the “basic” version, the elegant X-Line and the MSport aimed at sporty driving. Prices range from €39,700 for the sDrive18i front-wheel drive petrol to €61,150 for the 100% electric iX1 30xDrive MSport. there sDrive18i X-Line Of the test costs 42,170 euros. The figure includes a multimedia system complete with a navigation system, as well as dual-zone climate control and 18-inch wheels. When it comes to driving aids, there are only the basics, such as automatic braking and lane keeping. Other devices, such as adaptive cruise control and mirror blind spot monitoring, are in the driving assistant packages (from 600 to 2000 euros). In the other packages there are two effective devices such as a head-screen and augmented reality for the navigator (Innovation package, 3200 euros). In the premium package (1800 euros) there is wireless phone charging.

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inside? Revolution

New is also in the cockpit BMW X1 It represents a clear break from previous generations, especially in two respects. The first, the large rectangular, slightly curved bezel that houses two screens of more than 10 inches each for the virtual dashboard and multimedia system. A not new solution, also chosen by other manufacturers, which has the advantage of focusing all information on the same visual level, making it easier to read. Clear devices can be configured based on driving modes and with further improvements. However, it has two individual vertical bars to form a rhombus that indicates the speed and, as a percentage, the power provided by the motor (or its rotational speed). The infotainment touch screen is easy to manage, organized into user interface elements that display multiple functions simultaneously. However, the absence of physical buttons may require several steps between “screens” even for simple operations, such as adjusting air flows.

The second aspect relates to hanging unit Between the seats, under it there is a space for storing a small suitcase. At the top, in a position close to the driver, houses
Gear lever and buttons to start drive and drive modes. However, the driving position remains high, comfortable and with a somewhat enveloping seat. Abundant, for the type of car, ease for those sitting in the back. Thanks to the sliding sofa (310 €) and the reclining backrest. Among other things, this type of seat allows you to expand the already good capacity of the trunk from 476 to 540 liters (with five seats in use). However, when the sofa is “all the way”, a hole is created near the backrests, where things can fall: there is no movable shelf that provides continuity under the box.

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About the driving mode selector for BMW X1It’s called My Mode, and every time you press it, it changes not only the car’s dynamic response (on three more or less sporty settings) and dashboard graphics, but also the color of the lights in the passenger compartment and a specific, abstract, decorative image appears (as if it were panel) in the infotainment screen. However, this forces you to call up what you were previously viewing from the list, such as a map navigator. An option that aims to create a lounge atmosphere in the passenger cabin, which includes the default decor in harmony with the driving mode set, but proves inconvenient as it prevents the screen from displaying in-flight services (could be a topic of future updates).

nice driving

Despite having 136 HP BMW X1 sDrive18i X-Line It’s the least powerful, it really delivers a smooth ride and that liveliness that makes driving fun. The 1.5 has a smooth, even full-body delivery and only on full acceleration is the spin of the three cylinders slightly noticeable. To make it run at its best, the dual-clutch gearbox provides almost imperceptible gear changes, particularly in Sport mode, also fast. For 270 euros, you can add the “paddles” behind the steering wheel for manual entry of the seven gears (not provided by the lever in the high console). In part of the testing on mountain roads, we appreciated the steering: it is accurate, direct and never heavy, not even in the “Sport”. However, the thickened rim of the steering wheel can be annoying for owners of small hands.

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The Agility benefits from a soft-suspension setup, which is good for an SUV, though with some slackening when revs get higher. However, the setup isn’t too punitive for the holes, there’s no shortage of absorbency and the comfort is grateful. As for consumption, with great driving on winding roads and at a speed of 130 km / h on the highway, the on-board computer indicated about 11 km / l. Speaking of the highway, the BMW X1 It turned out to be well soundproofed. The only audible noise is the noise of tires rolling on the asphalt.

In our opinion

> Guide. It’s fun and offers a good balance between comfort and responsiveness.
> engine. It’s fluid and lively and you hardly notice that there are only three cylinders.
> space. The cockpit and trunk are great.

> Box. When the sofa is moved forward, the bottom is not uniform and has an opening close to the backrests.
> Standard Equipment. In terms of driving assistance, it should be integrated.
> Hardware. When you select the driving mode, the multimedia screen displays a wonderful decorative image. To return to the on-board services, you need to go into the menu.

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