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Black Friday 2021 There is already talk of a strike on deliveries: What risks could we run into?

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Employees of companies that Amazon depends on, part of the Assoespressi network, have announced they will join the strike during Black Friday.

Black Friday is one of the most popular periods of the month, when it is possible to make purchases at very affordable prices –

Black clouds loom over one of the largest and most in-depth e-commerce platforms in the world. shake his wrists Amazon, and its clients, taken care of by members of the Assoespressi Association. This is an important partner in the Italian sector because it represents the distribution and logistics companies in this sector.

In fact, employees announced a strike that specifically called for November 26, the long-awaited Black Friday. The controversy will relate to the very narrow cadences associated with activities, stressful shifts and the volumes of weekly hours that workers endure.

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The option to stop trading may affect many sectors, from individual clients to businesses.

The November 26 strike and the crisis of the regime

Black Friday 2021
Black Friday 2021 risks facing various logistical problems –

So the drivers decided to hold their arms. Thus, the intention would be to freeze the entire distribution sector associated with online purchases which will face a general rupture for one day.

To explain the deep causes that led to this impasse, were the words of FILT CGIL’s National Secretary, Michel de Rosa. In an official press release issued by his accounts on social media, we are informed that after the questioning that took place in Bologna during the National Consolidated Assembly of Executives and Delegates from the Goods Delivery Sector appointed by Amazon, It was decided to break the vicious circle in which the workers are engaged.

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Then the proposals on the table will include the need to provide greater stability to contracts in order to protect the worker. But not only that, what is required is to reduce liability for damage to products, as well as increase salary and a possible production premium. But these are just some of the issues. The great voice of dissent is undoubtedly the amount of hours a courier spends on average. We’re talking about 44 hours a week, and we’re always going at a very fast pace.

So it is expected that there will be a fiery Black Friday Which promises inconvenience and interruption in the provision of service.

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