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United States of America Sixth consecutive out-election of Republican McCarthy as Speaker of the House of Representatives. Biden: ‘It’s embarrassing’

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the the Republican Party Keep pressing until you get elected Kevin McCarthy the new home speaker American, but classes keep rejecting her. And in the sixth and third vote on Wednesday representative Grand Old Party He was again rejected by his colleagues with only 201 favourites, with votes increasingly highlighting division Conservative interiors, though, also launched an appeal Donald Trump to me “rebellious” winds More extremists. Which is the situation on President’s Day Joe Biden has come to determine “An embarrassment”also because the alternative nomination for has already been floated among Republicans Byron DonaldsHe is also a dissident of the more conservative wing associated with the former president.

In the gop An attempt is being made to resort to all means to reach the election of a candidate who will put an end to what is happening Political humiliation. during the day too Mike Pence He called on his colleagues in his party to stand united around McCarthy, who “will lead the House of Representatives to start a great American renaissance.” The candidate himself had shown himself confident and bold a few hours after voting in the hall, announcing that he was sure that he would get 218 Preferences it is necessary to fill the chair that was Nancy Pelosi. But the conservative wing doesn’t hear us and Donalds’ candidacy is moving forward: “We don’t judge people by the color of their skin but by the strength of their character,” said the ultra-conservative from Texas, chiproiquoting a famous phrase Mattin Luther King.

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it’s a “a bit embarrassing” President Biden has said that this process is “taking a long time.” ‘The rest of the world is watching’Speaking to reporters, he added that what happened was “not a good thing” for the United States. Then, referring to the Republicans, the president hoped they could come to an agreement.

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