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Biden: A meeting with Putin at the G-20? Uses stock of anti-radiation drugs. Veloroso: “Shoigo should shoot himself”

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Kyiv: “At the moment there are seven victims of the Russian missile attack on Zaporizhia”

The number of victims of the Russian missile attack on Zaporizhia has risen to seven. Five people are still missing. This was announced by Governor Oleksandr Staruch on Telegram. “At the moment, the analysis of the ruins continues, after which it will be possible to determine the exact number of dead and injured,” he said.

Macron: We will continue to support Ukraine militarily and financially

“We will continue to support Ukraine militarily and financially.” This was stated by French President Emmanuel Macron at a press conference in Prague, explaining that Paris will provide “greater military support” which will be detailed at a press conference tomorrow also in Prague.

Kyiv: liberation of 29 settlements in the Kherson region

“Since October 1, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have liberated 29 settlements in the Kherson region.” This was stated by Deputy Head of the Main Operations Department of the Kyiv General Staff, Brigadier General Oleksiy Gromov, citing UNIAN. Gromov added: “In the direction of Kherson, the enemy is trying to launch a counterattack at the expense of the reserves, to curb the advance of our forces and to restore the lost positions.” In the last few hours, the Kyiv army had already reported that it had captured more than 400 square kilometers in Kherson in the same period.

Two Russians cross the Bering Strait by boat and reach Alaska

Two Russians crossed the Bering Strait by boat and reached Alaska to escape mobilization Russian President Vladimir Putin of the war in Ukraine. The local press reported this, confirming that the two landed in Gambell, on Saint Lawrence Island, and then were taken to Morsi I am now with the federal authorities. It is alleged that the Russians told the residents of the village of Gambil that they came from Egvikynot, northeastern Russia, and that they had fled the country. The two fugitives had requested asylum from the United States, according to the Department of Homeland Security, stressing that their applications are currently under consideration.

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Russia summons the French ambassador to supply Kyiv with weapons

Russia today summoned French Ambassador Pierre Levy to the Foreign Ministry in Moscow to protest arms supplies to Ukraine. “The Russian side highlighted the dangers of increasing the supply of weapons and equipment to the Kyiv regime, as well as intensifying training programs for the Ukrainian army,” the Russian diplomat said.

Erdogan: A just peace is not a loser. Even worse peace is better than war.”

A just peace has no loser. Even the worst peace is better than war. Turkey talks to all parties and has their confidence, unfortunately some European countries prefer provocation and escalation.” This, focusing on the war in Ukraine, was stated by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a press conference in Prague.

Zelensky to the leaders of the European political community: “With our help, each of your countries helps itself

Speaking to an audience of 43 leaders of the European political community, the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky He emphasized two main points. The first is to punish the aggressor. Tougher sanctions against Russia. Cease any cooperation with Russia and its companies. The state’s exclusion from all international organizations or at least the suspension of its membership, and its ability to distort the activities of international institutions, especially the United Nations.” “Of course, to punish the aggressor, we need a A special court for the crime of Russian aggression against Ukraine And an international compensation mechanism that forces Russia to pay compensation for the damage it caused,” Zelensky explained. The second point is to help Ukraine. With our help, each of your countries helps themselves. Look at the battlefield in Ukraine. It is a war so fierce that the vast majority of countries It will not be able to wage it. That is why this war must be won now, in Ukraine.”

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The United States stocks and buys anti-radiation drugs.

The United States stocks and purchases anti-radiation drugs. The US media reported that the Ministry of Health had requested $ 290 million for Nplate, a drug produced by Amgen against acute radiation syndrome in children and adults. The purchase comes amid nuclear threats from Russian President Vladimir Putin, although US authorities have made clear that the war in Ukraine did not accelerate it. “It’s part of working towards safety from radiation hazardsThe Ministry of Health says, according to the American media.

Russian Ambassador to Italy: “We have no intention of participating in the nuclear escalation”

We have no intention of participating in the nuclear escalation. That said the Russian ambassador to Italy, Sergey Razovin Porta a Porta on Rai 1. “There is no threat or blackmail – he added – we have a military doctrine on nuclear deterrence where it is clearly indicated where atomic weapons can be used by us. That is, we can use nuclear weapons if they pose a direct threat to our state. The rest is up in the air.”

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