October 4, 2023

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Floods in Kentucky, 4 dead siblings swallowed by water – Corriere.it

Floods in Kentucky, 4 dead siblings swallowed by water – Corriere.it

The children were snatched from the hands of their parents who took refuge in a tree while their trailer was swept away

The end of the world has arrived at midnight. It was two and six when Amber and her husband Riley, in their twenties, received the flood warning. She looks out the window and sees water everywhere: her level goes from no worries to alarm in seconds. It’s time to put the clothes and jackets on her four kids and their trailer begins to flood. Amber realizes that they would have drowned if they had stayed inside. They all go out There was nowhere to go.

The family turns to caravan roofI thought it would be safe there. They soon realized that their house was on the verge of collapse. Then they take a deep breath and jump off the roof of the caravan Tree nearby, holding older children by hand (aged eight and six) and hugging the little ones (aged four and two) tightly.

Meanwhile, the water continues to rise all over the water and rain continues on them. They see their trailer fly away. They try to call for help, but 911 is blocked. They hold the kids for a few hours, and then their little ones suck the water’s wrath. Mum and dad stuck to the tree for eight hours before a man on a kayak rescued him: he was rowing from house to house to rescue those in need.

It was Amber’s cousin who told A local newspaper The story, then world newspapers re-launched it. It is among the tragic accounts that began to emerge after The disaster that struck Kentucky from the night of Wednesday 27 to Thursday 28 July. Amber and Riley now face the biggest pain of their children’s lives.

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