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Pro Calcio, Castellano: “Important qualities in the group, we set no limits”

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there Pro Calcio Tor Sapienza It seems to have definitely reversed course. The yellow greens are climbing the ladder again thanks to a job Gianluca Castellano Who in a short time managed to improve the mentality and performance of a group with great difficulty. To open the new year audacious victory on the square Villalba Which shows yellow and green to eighth at the halfway point, three key points in the game which, Castellano asserts, had more than a few missteps: “We approached the game very well, they deserved to go ahead. They tried to heat up the game, playing on a physical level “The boys had a slight drop in jitters on the comeback, but keeping our nerve steady, we managed to take the victory. I’m satisfied with the way the group is working, I like that everyone’s getting involved and the performance is getting better.” It’s been more than a month since he came on the bench, a “natural” choice according to the coach, who shares values ​​and ambition with the club: “It wasn’t difficult to make this decision. The club called me to tell me about the project and, sharing my idea of ​​football, I didn’t have Any doubts about accepting the challenge. More from a technical point of view, the team needed to improve on a mental level to always maintain focus during matches and in the past few outings I have proven that I have changed.” Once the first round is over, it’s time to take stock. Thanks to recent results, the yellow-green players are now in eighth place and want to continue to impress, having already shown their ability to play on equal terms with those fighting for the playoffs: “I am a dreamer, I consider ambition essential for those who play the sport at any level. The important thing is to work every week as far as possible and then repeat what one has learned in the match. Safety remains the priority, but given the group’s qualities, we haven’t set the limits. The path we’re on is so right, we want to go as high as possible.” The next hurdle will be casinonot to be taken lightly despite just coming back from three defeats in a row: “I don’t want to see a drop in tension, all matches are tough and have to be approached with the right attitude. A simple mistake will be enough to erase the good things that have been done so far, so let’s avoid distractions.” .

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