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35 free demos from December 7th, here are the event details –

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As part of The Game Awards 2021, Microsoft announced that it will re-release ID @ Xbox Winter Game Fest Which will make several Xbox demos available starting from From December 7, 2021 to December 21, 2021. In total there will be good 35 demo One of the unreleased games.

Microsoft explains that these are not “normal game offerings”. Usually experimental A complete product or close to release, but many of the ones we’ll be able to try out at ID@ Xbox Winter Game Fest will be dedicated to games that are still in full development and therefore may not be fully representative of the final product.

demos will be Removal Starting December 21, 2021, so you’ll want to try it out as soon as it becomes available. ID @ Xbox Winter Game Fest is also an opportunity to tell developers what you think of their games after you try them: Microsoft invites players to take advantage of social media and official sites for suggestions and feedback.

ID @ Xbox Winter Game Fest

The full list of ID @ Xbox Winter Game Fest demos will be revealed on December 7th, but today we already have a chance to discover some of them:

  • Loot River: A roguelite dungeon-crawler that blends high-challenging tense combat with Tetris-style terrain-based environmental action.
  • Death Garbage: A post-apocalyptic world full of cosmic horrors, a mix of old school RPGs, modern fighting action and plenty of freedom of action.
  • Blacktail: Baba Yaga’s origin story in a dark surreal and Slavic world of bow and arrow combat
  • The Tale of Bistun: A story-driven adventure inspired by the twelfth tragic poem “Khosrau and Shirin”
  • Nobody saves the world: using 15 different skins, our character will have to explore dungeons and fight alone or with a friend online
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Speaking instead of The Game Awards 2021: Activision won’t be part of the TGA, “there’s no room for abuse,” says Keighley.

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