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Best Movies to Watch Before Traveling to Canada

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Between frozen valleys, beautiful mountains and meadows and bustling cities, Canada offers diverse and attractive landscapes. It’s the perfect set for all genres of film, even films set in the United States. For those planning a vacation in Canada or at least wanting to travel imaginatively, here are some pictures that bring the beauty of the country to the big screen.

Revenant – Revenant

If there was one film that did justice to the ancient landscape of western Canada, it could only be the Revenant of Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. Many of the scenes were filmed in British Columbia, selected in 1820 as the perfect representation of the frontier areas. The film, which won its first Oscar for leading actor Leonardo DiCaprio, takes viewers through the region’s harsh winters and gives them almost health. Sense of the dangers of its wild nature. The possibility of a close encounter with a grizzly bear may not prompt you to plan a visit, but of course the pictures of the Revenant capture the atmosphere of those majestic landscapes perfectly.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The world

For those who love stories in the bustling city, Scott Pilgrim’s 2000s Toronto Vs. The world is waiting to find out. Scott Pilgrim, born from the comic film of the same name Brian Lee O’Malley, is an impossible hero who was brought to the cinema by the already famous British director Edgar Wright for his Cornetto trilogy. In love with the mysterious Ramona, Scott has to fight with his “Seven Evil Excess” to fulfill his romantic dream. During his adventures, he moves between clubs and places loved by Toronto’s hipster youth, taking visitors from traditional tourist rounds to the most interesting places.

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Broken Mountain Secrets

Let’s return to Canada’s beautiful landscape with a film set in Wyoming, but filmed in the Canadian Rockies of Alberta. Taiwanese director Ang Lee has already dealt with the issue of homosexuality with great results in the romantic comedy film The Wedding Banquet. Here he brings to the screen with great sensitivity the persecuted love story between two cowboys starring Jake Gillenhall and Heath Ledger, who won the Oscar for Best Director for this work. The natural landscapes that stretch into the Canadian mountains, away from the pressures of the oppressive community in which they live, represent an oasis where both heroes can be themselves.

Respectful note: The X-Men movie series

Finally, Fort Hadley on Vancouver Island deserves special mention. This imposing Edwardian-style castle appears in the X-Men movie series, including Deadpool, the home of Professor Xavier’s School of Talented Youth. Marvel superhero fans and architecture lovers will not miss this stop on their trip to Canada.

Before leaving for Canada

These pictures are perfect for preparing your eyes and mind for the beautiful places to see in Canada, but don’t forget the practical side of organizing. Before leaving, it is really necessary to get itETA for Canada, Compulsory recognition for Italians who wish to travel to the country. The document can be easily obtained online by applying through the practical form. The document is valid for five years and allows you to stay in Canada for six consecutive months. It can be requested for vacation, study or business trip or transportation. It is a good idea to consult to update on the anti-corona virus measures currently in place Website of the Embassy of CanadaIt contains the latest information on the situation.
Pack your bags and get ready to rediscover the landscapes you already enjoy on screen and explore the wonders of Canada.

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