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Ray interrupts Bohemian Rhapsody with Manà Manà: It’s Controversial

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Ray interrupts the main scene of the Freddy Mercury movie with the announcement of “Manà Manà”. Controversy erupted on Twitter.

A whole week to announce the evening as an event, and Rai managed to spoil it with an ad segment in the spotlight area for “Bohemian Rhapsody‘, the first on-air iconic song to be given the autobiographical title on Freddy Mercury. So, as soon as the song was about to begin, the audience found themselves drawn to the unbridled and disturbing rhythm of “mana mana“Shouted by innocent Angela Finociaro to advertise a well-known supermarket chain. It’s a crazy personal goal.


In the offending sequence, Freddie Mercury at the Emmy Challenge brings up the song “Bohemian Rhapsodyby DJ Kenny Everett who premiered it. The song begins and the movie disappears from critics’ reactions, at first contradictory and then gradually more and more enthusiastic. It’s the beginning of a dream. The big band.

Someone asks the spontaneous question, like what Lubrano said: “What is the criterion on which advertising discounts are selected? They are famous Is mandatory. Advertising must be broadcast in those blocks. Also for public service? Unfortunately yes. It is an argument that goes back to the “compulsory” argument in Rai. The history of the company is full of coupons. By heart, one of the most incredible dates back to 2008, the opening ceremony of the Olympics when, at the most beautiful moment, Rai stopped sending announcements. Tonight’s movie certainly wasn’t nearly as important as the Olympics opening ceremony, but it was still a poetic moment that was cut short. And viewers did not like this situation at all. The demonstration is also in these tweets of some viewers who were very bad about what happened.

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