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Television has a new competitor that can replace the digital terrestrial: this platform is already trying

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Online platform has made a ratings boom: people no longer need television and digital terrestrial!

There have been many changes in recent months regarding digital terrestrial and television in general: with the transition from 2022 to 2023 many channels have disappeared to make way for new television stations which replaced the previous one. Moreover, to respond to new needs, new digital terrestrial systems have also brought great innovation and new features Hidden settings Which Not Everyone Knew: However, this didn’t seem to have served almost any purpose.

Despite the commitment and dedication of terrestrial television and digital broadcasters, the massive migration of millions of users from television to online platforms cannot be stopped. For a few years now, the new way of entertaining people in front of a screen has migrated from TV to streaming platforms like Netflix and it seems that the end has already come for digital land: also because Booming audience for a particular platform.

This time it seems that the end of the digital age has really come

You don’t even have to quantify the success of streaming platforms like they have been and still do NetflixAnd Head of the videos And Disney Plus which has now become the main source of entertainment, especially among the younger ones who are probably more familiar with online platforms.
TV broadcasters didn’t even try to compete with these platforms because they always did A war was lost from the start And also because the contents in each case are very different, but this time Mediaset and the company really have to watch their backs.

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The absolute dangers of digital land came in the final months of 2022 when an online platform, even if only somewhat well known, recorded an incredible listening boom. It is a streaming platform Offers the same content as TV It is for this reason that the major TV stations are really concerned that the end of the digital system may really come.

Audience Boom: The platform is by far the most followed

According to the data taken into account Oditelwhich is the leading TV show ratings analytics company, and Internet platform Ray play Only in 2022 recorded a boom in listening and live broadcasting even among 1.6 and 2.4 millionfor a total 231,000 hours of visits throughout the year. The number he even reached More than 4 million In the week of the Sanremo Festival which is likely to be recorded again this year.

A figure that shows that more and more people prefer online platforms, not only for watching TV series, documentaries, and movies, but also for regular TV shows that are shown daily on digital terrestrial television. Certainly a good thing for Rai which may have an increase in users as well as TV viewers, but it is also a bad blow for other TV stations that have to watch their appearances.

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