Home entertainment Because it's a gem of a movie, despite the incorrect Italian title being Corriere.it

Because it's a gem of a movie, despite the incorrect Italian title being Corriere.it

Because it's a gem of a movie, despite the incorrect Italian title being Corriere.it

“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” was released in American theaters exactly 20 years ago, which will arrive in Italy in the fall with a title that doesn’t really fit with anything: “If you leave me I will delete you”. However, despite the terrible translation (which isn't even a translation, but we'll explain that later), the film directed by Michel Gondry with Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet, two real superheroes, is also very successful here, because it is a film about love in its deepest sense, “About the consequences of love,” says Paolo Sorrentino. An intimate and never trite film, visionary and surprising, it won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay in 2005. And which has managed to be loved today by that segment of the audience who were too young to see it at the time or who were not yet born, Generation Zeta. Because what it tells us about the way we develop relationships and especially the end of relationships is still very much true.

Why is the translation wrong? Italian surname From romantic comedies It certainly helped bring those who were expecting this kind of product to the cinema and who might already have been fans of Jim Carrey, but it (precisely!) erased the absolutely poetic nature of the original title which it actually is ShA line from Alexander Pope's poem“How happy is the fate of the innocent Vestal Virgin! Forget the world, forgotten by the world / The infinite joy of the clear mind! (Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind)/ Every prayer is accepted, and every desire is rejected.” Meaning? How happy is a clean and frank mind which, in the case of the film, does not mean “dirty” due to bad memories.

Let us briefly recall the story without spoiling it too much so as not to take away the joy of seeing it from those who are lost. Joel Parrish Cary has just been dumped by his partner Clementine KruszynskeI'm Winslet. To forget him, she relied on the Lacuna Inc clinic, which specialized in technological treatments that were able to erase segments of certain memories from people's minds. In Clementine's case, it's about their recently ended love story. Due to a strange series of circumstances, he finds out and, shocked, decides to undergo the same treatment, but as he undergoes the operation and sees Clementine's memories fading, he realizes that he still loves her and rebels, trying to stop the forgetting. practical. What follows is a journey between reality and memory frames, re-adapting existing and original memories. A journey full of twists and turns that keeps the viewer glued while making them think about love and the importance of memories, even painful ones. But also on the mysterious chemistry that makes us fall in love with someone that no algorithm will ever be able to reproduce.


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