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“Nazi phrases befitting Goebbels” –

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From Francesca Basso

Zuzsa Hegedos leaves Hungary’s prime minister after anti-immigrant rhetoric. Timmermann: Racism is a poison

The only possible option before “Nazi speech”. One of the longest-serving advisers to the Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Urban She resigned after more than twenty years of friendship, and made heavy accusations. Sociologist Zsuzsa Hegedüs explained this in a letter he sent to the Hungarian leader and was published by the magazine hvg: “I do not have Any other choice”.

The decision came due to Orbán’s speech last Saturday at the Tosphanius summer demonstration in Romania. The Hungarian Prime Minister never misses an opportunity to pursue and for his anti-immigrant policies They oppose a multi-ethnic society, but this time he went even further by using the term “race” Which he avoided in the past: «In the Carpathian Basin, we are not a mixture of race, but a mixture of peoples living in our European homeland. (…) We’re ready to mingle, but We don’t want to become a mixed raceHe also said that “migration divided Europe into two parts, or I can say that it divided the West into two parts” and that “half is a world in which European and non-European peoples coexist, these countries are no longer states: they are but aggregates of peoples ».

Higgs, who has been an advisor to the prime minister for social inclusion since 2010, introduced him A purely Nazi speech befitting Goebbels.She said she wanted to stop defending Orban because she was “neither racist nor a right-wing extremist”. After the illiberal turn of 2014 – he explained in the letter – it has become increasingly difficult to defend Orbán’s positions “in spite of the fact that you have never limited my complete freedom”.

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The relationship was already starting to crack with the law banning the sharing of homosexual content to minors, which Brussels opposed because it discriminated against the LGBT community. But “despite these precedents,” the letter continues, “the counselor was surprised by the letter.” Hegedus, graduated in Budapest in 1969 with a doctorate in sociology from Paris, where she emigrated in 1976, dealt with new social movements and then developed a theory of emerging global society and self-creation, publishing works in French, English and Italian. For ten years she could no longer return to her homeland. In 1981, in Italy «Economic reform and social conflict. Hungarian case. Friendship with Urban is twenty years old, as she herself recalls. Since 2010 she has been a chancellor, in 2015 she caused a scandal by saying that there is no systemic child starvation and poverty in Hungary, despite statistics saying the opposite, and the opposition later accused her of squandering public money. In the letter, Hegedus stressed that last Saturday’s speech “is in stark contrast to that of Victor who hired me in November 2002 and with whom I had the pleasure of working until 2013.”

Desk Urban I published the answer, denying the accusations:You can’t be serious about accusing me of racism after twenty years of working together – The Prime Minister wrote -. You know better than anyone that my government in Hungary has a zero-tolerance policy for anti-Semitism and racism. In a second letter, Hegedus responded by recalling his parents’ experiences as Holocaust survivors. The speech sparked a protest by the chief rabbinic of the Budapest community, Robert Frolich. The International Committee of Auschwitz said it was “horrified” and called on the European Union to “dissociate itself”. Yesterday, EU Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans tweeted: “We are all part of the same race, the human race. Racism is a poisonous political invention. There should be no place for this in Europe.”

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