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The actor and director talk about the return of Giselle and her friends in the long-awaited sequel to Enchanted.

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Once upon a time, in the magical cartoon kingdom AndalusThe girl who dreamed of true love’s kiss and the prince she shares it with. A decidedly classic beginning, but is destined for an unexpected turn when they are magically transported back to New York, in 2007’s Times Square.

came out that year As if by magica mixed-media film in which Disney first enjoyed playing with their own imaginations and destroying the rules with an innovative idea: the typical Disney princess can settle down in the “real world,” where she “And they lived happily ever afterIs it utopia? Now, fifteen years later, it’s time to explore how Giselle and Robert’s life withThe next sequel As if through disappointmenttomorrow Disney +.

marking Global press conference Dedicated to showing the film, Disney has brought together key talents involved in the production, among which returning stars stand out Amy AdamsPatrick Dempsey and Idina Menzel with new entries Maya RudolphAnd the Gabriela BaldachinoAnd the Yvette Nicole BrownAnd the Jama Mays And the Oscar Nunez. The director and choreographer also joined the stars Adam Shankmanfrom the manufacturer Barry Josephson and by the legendary eight-time Academy Award-winning composer Alan Menckenagain to work on a Disney production.

A sequel has been in the plans for Major for several years, but the time that has passed since the first film has been key in creating the fertile ground in which to grow. Whole new storybut at the same time represents the ideal A continuation of what was seen in the previous movie.

As confirmed by the manufacturer Barry JosephsonThe starting point As if through disappointment Undoubtedly, the hero played by Amy Adams, Giselle: «Everything revolves around the new version of Gisele. We asked ourselves what is his problem? What direction do we want to take compared to the original movie? At the same time we wanted to do a completely different movie, one that shows a fresh start for all the characters returning from the first movie».

A new beginning reinforced by the light the film director received during the writing stage Adam ShankmanWho gave an unexpected role to Giselle: «Speaking to Sean Bailey, the president of Disney, I said, “Basically, Giselle is Morgan’s stepmotherAnd that for me became the absolute starting point. It’s perfect to continue, because now he has a teenage daughter who probably doesn’t believe in magic anymore. And that’s where we had to start».

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Both Amy AdamsIt was also necessary for Giselle to somehow preserve the innocence and spontaneity that characterized her: «Between the beginning and the end of the previous film there was Clear character development. Then we wondered what position she might be in ten years from now, taking care to keep her rooted in the truth of her feelings without losing that joy, that subtlety and innocence and purity that makes Gisele so special. I decided to take everything I loved about Giselle in the first movie and put it into this new chapter. Also, it was great working with the cast of Bewitched again, and I can’t thank everyone enough».

Patrick Dempsey Instead, he will return to the role of frustrated lawyer Robert Philip, a character who, however, we will have the opportunity to see below. A very unexpected light. In fact, the actor confirmed that he was involved in at least one of the film’s musical numbers: «Robert’s character starts out very similar to How We Left Him, though he tries to balance life between a newborn baby and the conflict between his stepmother and her first daughter. Try your hand at singing and dancing It was really liberating and fun. […] The whole process of finding my voice, working with a vocal coach, learning the lyrics and choreography, it was an amazing experience I’ve never had before.».

An absolute novelty for Dempsey, which sparkedThe enthusiasm of Amy Adams: «It was so nice seeing you, Patrick. I’ve never seen a happier man in a jacket, apart from my husband (laughs, ed.). It was so much fun seeing you fully immersed in the adventure duel part».

in As if through disappointment The musical component again remains one of the essential aspects, and as confirmed by this Maya Rudolphis one of the aspects that sparked the imagination of the new cast entries: «I’ve sung before, but this was something completely different. Knowing I was going to work on a song by Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz, he was about to Realizing a lifelong dream».

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In a brief digression, Rudolph also mentioned the experience she lived on the set in Ireland, with the filming taking place in The difficult context of the epidemic And with the arrival of the vaccine a few days ago: «It was a very scary time. For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, many of us have gone abroad, the vaccine also arrived a few days ago and many people have not yet been vaccinated. It was all a huge leap of faithBecause we all wanted to be part of the movie».

The young woman also showed the same iron will to be part of the production Gabriela BaldachinoMorgan’s translator—now a teenager—will take an active part in As for the disappointment: «As a child Bewitched was my favorite movie, and I would faint if she saw where I was now. I’ve always dreamed of being a part of something like this, and I’m grateful to be able to sing along to music written by Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz. […] Also, working with such an amazing actor It was like taking acting lessons every dayfor that I am really grateful».

like disney disenchantment

Given the relevance of the role, look for The perfect translator for teenage Morgan It was an essential aspect of production As if through disappointmentAs Josephson noted: «It was our last big question mark. with The mother-daughter relationship is extremely important, it was necessary to find the right daughter. The casting process was full of ups and downs, but when we heard Gabby’s audition, we all knew she was just what we needed.».

As if through disappointment Then get ready Shuffle the cards Again, as already happened in 2007. «We at Enchanted have collected all the typical Disney icons Adam Shankman noted. And that’s something I loved because it was the first time that Disney was really self-referential, which has not happened beforeAnd this was an amazing opportunity».

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References it seems will not only be limited to visual solutions or just easter eggs but will also be developed through Soundtrack and songs from the movie Consists of Alan Mencken. «On a musical level, we throw in the speeches that go back to Snow White, which then passes from the early 1950s with Cinderella – explains the famous composer – One of them is love stories. […] For a particular scene, I took inspiration from the pavilion in the mountain king’s cave, in short, I always try to use very specific references. everybody References that come from the same works that inspired Disney».

like disney disenchantment

Fifteen years later legacy As if by magic So it is more alive than ever. As Amy Adams, whose career was still in its infancy in 2007, recalled, when it was released there was no certainty about the reaction audiences would have when watching the film: «The first time with the Enchanted, We were jumping big in the dark. We jumped in not knowing what it would be like or if the audience would like it. I remember my intense fear the first time I saw the movie in the presence of an audience.”

However, the concerns are destined to be short-lived, given the enthusiastic reaction from the public: After a while the room let itself go with a lot of involvement, and it was a really great moment. It was a very special moment for me. It was also at the beginning of my career. So this movie means a lot to me In so many ways. And at this point in my life, I’m grateful to have been able to rediscover Gisele again».

Who knows if in the future we’ll be able to see Giselle and the Andalusia characters again in a possible third act. In the meantime, we remind you of that As if through disappointment Sarah Available on Disney + Starting tomorrowAnd the Friday 18 November.

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