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Bagnoli, without a government for Città della Scienza the nightmare of the new delays

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Naples begins licking its wounds after the fall of the government. The long wave of the crisis threatens to slow the municipal administration’s work on hot topics: like Bagnoli, with the August 2 control room likely to jump, or the regulation the municipal budget advisor is working on. to Pier Paolo Barreta regarding the transactions of arrears of tenants of municipal houses. Not applicable without state intervention in the budget law.

For the urban renewal of the entire western district of Naples, where there are two big issues to pursue, namely the reclamation of the former Eternit and the rebuilding of the City of Science Museum, Minister of South Mara Carfagna has spent a lot of money. The Chief Executive led by Mario Draghi has ensured that Mayor and Commissioner Gaetano Manfredi has full powers and has been equipped with a team that can give that decisive acceleration after years of stalemate. The lack of an institutional interlocutor, as Minister Carvagna has hitherto been, threatens to slow down the work of the commissioner. The argument presented to the municipality is clear: “The money has been allocated and the reclamation work has stopped.”

It’s like he’s saying, “No need to worry.”. However, the complex of government operations, which will only be implemented in mid-October, must be resolved. At Bagnoli it will be necessary to understand which direction will be from Rome: wait for the new CEO or make an impact and keep calling the control room to continue the already scheduled appointments. Just think of Science City: “As far as we are concerned, we are ready – let the Idis know -. We have the floor plan and under the impulse of the mayor, we are negotiating with Invitalia to replace the lands of the parking area, where the museum must be reconstructed ».


But the repercussions of the crisis are also affecting the living body of the city. In fact, he risks bypassing the bank on the proposal that Commissioner Barretta has worked on in recent months on arrears transactions living in municipal assets. An idea, however, they do not intend to abandon from the piazza MUNICIPIO. “In September – said the member of the Budget Council in the interview published yesterday – we will gather all the members of the Neapolitan Parliament asking to support our proposal for the next budget, with targeted amendments.”

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The prediction made at Palazzo San Giacomo is that Draghi will stay until after the election, and so it will be up to him and his team to build the budget law. The idea is to require the state for a special rule to be able to initiate transactions with distressed citizens and restore the profitability of real estate assets. Interest associated with past rents can be deducted to defaulting parties or some annual installments can be waived. But without a national law, the only weapon left for the municipality today is to pay rent owed in installments to illegal tenants. In any case, the numbers are reckless: 46 percent do not pay rent in municipal homes. Average bill per year 33 million. From 2013 to 2021, the total was 297 million. However, the municipality collected only 141, with a gap of more than 150 million.

Meanwhile, a new pill is in the majority for Mayor Manfredi: The Infrastructure Committee’s protest (urgently called on Monday) against a decision to be discussed in Parliament on July 26. Here are some budget changes: 5.6 million euros have been transferred to the San Vincenzo Molo project at the expense of already foreseen expenditures related to the extension of the 204 wagon line, currently under construction to connect the National Museum with Capodimonte and Cardarelli Park. The same is true of the 3 million euros earmarked for the redesign of Garittone, which should instead be used to recreate some of the roads around Bosco di Capodimonte. This decision I will not vote – clarifies the Chairman of the Committee Nino Simeone -. On the committee, I will ask for clarification.” He promises battle in the courtroom.

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