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Verona, Italy opens shop (with display space) in the former cooling station and definitively “kicks out” the cultural association: “the effect of speculation”

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“How much futile effort” is the slogan that accompanied over the past 25 years, in the past cooling station What were public repositories? Veronacreative, artistic and political activity of InterzoneA democratic and self-governing non-profit society. The writing, which appears on a banner held by a boy, is the signature accompanying the silent protest, an indictment against failed political promises, economic and financial speculation on the banks of the Adige, and the inability to give a true home to Veronese culture. Subjecting public institutions to private commercial initiatives. In fact, on October 5th, it hosted an exhibition space Italy Verona, wanted by Oscar Farinetti, founder of the Italian food distribution chain, and his son Francesco. It is located on the top floor of the historic 13,000 square meter building, restored by Mario Botta, which also houses the culinary department store.

Economy and culture, a virtuous combination, one would think. Instead of that pushed out Who has produced in that place an alternative culture for a quarter of a century, in a multifaceted, colorful and countercurrent reality. A lot of efforts have been in vain due to the excessive power of business, a plot that tells of a great missed opportunity. “This new exhibition space is just a fig leaf, a sign of one The economic power that occupied the captive public interest, with provisions from the Third Assessment Report and the State Council that endorsed it. Behind it is the story of decades of speculation, which revolves around the Cariverona Corporation and the typical Veronese power system.” Mauro Zamataro, restorer by profession, speaking on behalf of many who worked at the former n. 10 refrigeration plant has illustrated a unique collection point. From 1930 to It was the largest structure of its kind in Europe, capable of accommodating all sorted and frozen wagons in 1982. In 1987, the former Magazzini Generali sold it to the municipality of Verona, which nonetheless left it to decompose.

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“Interzona’s cultural activity began in 1993, and the following year the Cosmic Locomotive was created, an event of cinematic installations. – continues Zamtaro – it was we who signaled to the watchdog the need to establish a cultural bond.” The activities, awarded by the Italian Theater Organization in 1999 for the original use of the magnificent refrigerator station, began.

Then came the scene Policy Sniff potential profits. The municipality of Verona opposed the Council of State’s restrictions on industrial culture, losing definitively in 2006. Meanwhile in 2002 He sold the complex for 16 million euros Cariverona Foundation is very rich, with the constraints of establishing a cultural pole. In the buildings, in addition to the buildings of Interzona, other activities spread, from the opera house to the Caritas, from the Tenda Theater to the Estravajario Theatre.

Since then there has been a gradual and inexorable erosion of the public destination. Botha signed two projects, then changed the intended use from cultural to executive. “It was already expected at that time to destroy all associated elements as a cultural asset. – continues Zmataro – In 2012, here is the constraint adjustment. The oversight body said that the hall and the state archives are sufficient to designate the area as a cultural center. It is a pity that the hall was never built and the archive pays a fee of 400,000 euros per year, whereas before that it was in a publicly owned building.” Then Cariverona managed to get one Dedicated to the services and commercial activities sector, Other buildings were demolished, leaving half of the original 28 buildings.

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Operation Cariverona had side effects in 2016: “After 23 years of activity, Interzona, with 6,000 members, has been evacuated. The mayor and the Cariverona never responded to the calls of the cultural associations. We are now inThe effect of those speculations: Italy opening, supermarket and exhibition space. – Zamataro concludes with bitterness – The most dangerous fact is that Verona, after twenty years of construction sites and putting up the area for public use, does not have a real cultural center. ”

“We are the voice of the thousands of people who have produced art, culture, and dialogue here and are united by a personal need and civic commitment to witness,” said a note from the Cosmic Locomotive Prophecy Committee and transformed to petition. We’ve been bodies for more than twenty-five years, not ghosts. We have built, preserved, cleaned, created and revitalized … We have organized more than 700 concerts, conferences, readings, audio documentaries, meetings with authors … And again, internationally reviewing films, exhibitions and installations, over 70 theater performances, in collaboration Also with the Venice Biennale … All this is for the benefit of the public who was only here able to enjoy the extraordinary spectacle of a unique and otherwise inaccessible place.” Customs conclusion: “At least now they are ashamed not to say that” urban renewal restores an abandoned and degraded area to the city “.

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