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Babylon Film Festival 2021, a space for minority languages ​​- Cagliari | Events | Sardinia Events 24

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Seventh edition poster
© Babylon Film Festival

Seventh year of Babylon Film Festival, the first international film competition for a production that gives space to minority languages, promoted by the Humanitarian Society – Cineteca Sarda di Cagliari, in collaboration with the Sardegna Film Commission Foundation and the associations Babel, Terra de Punt and Areavisuale.

event, with artistic direction Antonello Zanda, Tore Cupido and Paolo Carboni, if you have say Thotel Cagliari Give Monday 6 to saturday 11th december (Free entry according to anti-Covid regulations) with (double) preview on December 3rd: Presentation of the last prize winning works Kentzeboghes (7:30 pm), the Babel Association competition that promotes film projects in the Sardinian language while providing training opportunities for young people; before showing”Memory Atlas Written by Dorino Minigutti with the participation of Maurizio Virdis, Giulio Paulis and Dorino Minigutti (coordinated by Duilio Caocci in Room 16 of the Faculty of Humanities, 10 a.m.). The festival boasts the sponsorship of the Presidency of the European Union, the Council of Europe, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Autonomous Region of Sardinia and the municipality of Cagliari. Therefore, there is significant institutional interest for an event that is growing edition after edition and attracting the attention of international communities who also want to have a voice on the screen.

Not just expectations. Out of the 104 films received, 64 were selected, from 14 countries, in a 40 minority languages (four in sign language and 13 in Sardinian). Every day at the THotel, on via dei Giudicati, the film screenings of the competition are scheduled, but a conference and concert are also scheduled. Appointment on the 16th of Friday December 10, at THotel, to meet on the ratification of the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages ​​to develop methodologies and reflections on the protection of European minority languages. 9:30 p.m. Concert/Seminar (by Paolo Zida, President of Assòtziu Campis and Tore Cubeddu) with artists Franciscu Zucca, launeddas, Carlo Boedo, musical instrument, to follow Gavino Murgia and Tenor Gwen.

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MASTERCLASS AND EXHIBITIONS. The formative moment is highly anticipated thanks to Babylon Academy: Five master classes curated by director and producer Danielle Magini, specialists will rotate daily From Tuesday 7 December with “film and television” Giorgina Dipetris, Acting coach and director of casting. the next day, Wednesday December 8It’s up to the manager Michelangelo Framartino With the “Extended Visions” of the movie “Il buco”. Thursday December 9 It’s the expert’s turn Anna BrundyWho will talk about the rights to the movie. actually run out, Friday 10, a lecture entitled “Visual and Photographic Choices in a Film Project” organized by a high-calibre cinematographer Luca Begazi. Finally, the screenwriter Lara Gharib He has the last training mission, Saturday 11 December, dedicated to film writing. During festival dates, in THotel rooms, they are available Exposed. The first shows the posters and operating manuals of Sardinian cinema in the 1960s and 1970s compiled by journalist Giovanni Sana entitled “Sardinia cinema poster“. The second, “image and memory‘, brings together ancient cinematic and audiovisual tools.

awards. widget and access 13 prizes awarded by 11 different juries to i Movies in competition. Among them, Mistral is the most important and releases the best films in the sections of Feature Film, Documentary and Short Film. Ten other prizes are distributed in the side sections by the jury of “special audiences”, namely, Unica Città di Cagliari (university students), Umanitaria (the six Italian branches of the Humanist Society), Right to Speak (high school students), Italymbas (five Italian language societies) Various), One War(l)d (asylum seekers), Amud (audiovisual archive of the labor movement in Rome), Ostana – Mother Language Prize (international event dedicated to minority languages), Ficc and Fedic (cinema circles), Diari di Cineclub (cine magazine). over there The seventh edition closes on Saturday 11 December With the award of thirteen prizes for the competition. Awards Ceremony starting at 6 pm Conducted by Elio Torno ArtimalIn the presence of board members and jurors. A program so rich that it lasts for one Post-festival evening: On Monday December 13 at Cineteca Sarda di Cagliari (6 pm on viale Trieste) “Bogre” directed by Fredo Vala (Italy, 2020) is presented.

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The first day of the festival: the program


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