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Games keep popping up Xbox Game Pass Somewhat surprisingly, with NBA 2K22 Which in these hours were added to the catalog of titles that can be downloaded for free by subscribers of the Microsoft service, oddly enough, without prior advertisements.

After seeing the arrival of FIFA 22 on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate through EA Play, it’s now NBA 2K22’s turn for you to be surprised in the Xbox Game Pass catalog, despite not falling under the plan offered for second games. Mid-April 2022 and the next assignment has yet to be announced.

This is the new chapter of basketball simulator Officially licensed by NBA by 2K Sports, which comes with updated names and athletes for the 2021/2022 season and a series of news related to the game’s technology base and content.

As for the latter, there are many additions to the MyTeam and MyCareer mode, as well as various advances made to graphics, animation, ball simulation system and artificial intelligence. MyTeam mode advances by season and is currently in Season: Zero Gravity.

To learn more, we’re referring you to our NBA 2K22 review, waiting to hear about other Xbox Game Pass arrivals between the end of April and the beginning of May 2022.

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