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On Netflix, there is a thriller that has been watched by 31 million viewers in just 3 days of programming.

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Do you like puzzles? You definitely need to watch this thriller on Netflix. A movie full of action, investigation and even a little laugh to watch with the whole family.

Impossible not to drift murder mysterythe long-time record holder on Netflix, as nearly 31,000,000 accounts watched the movie in the first three days of its release.

a A thriller full of twistschases and stunning landscapes, given that the movie was largely shot in Italy, between Santa Margherita Liguria and the Lake Como.

To ensure an exciting plot there is a signature on the script by James Vanerbiltformer author of Pillars of Cinematography book such as Basic And the Horoscope.

However, Vanerbilt also has a remarkable comic streak, which is the quality that he won murder mystery People’s Choice Awards like Best comedy movie.

The truly stellar actors, so loved by audiences of all ages, are also definitely worth mentioning.

In the role of the protagonist, Nick Spitz, we find the well-known comedian and actor Adam Sandler.

Instead, she played the main female character, his wife Audrey Spitz Jennifer Anistonthe beloved actress of many movies and TV series (such as the hugely popular sitcom friends or moving me and marleyall available on Netflix).

The couple showed great complicity in the group, and perhaps this alchemy above all determined the immediate success of this product.

We can’t wait for the sequel to come out, and it has already been scheduled and postponed – unfortunately – due to the pandemic.

In the meantime, we highly recommend getting it back!

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murder mystery

Watch the trailer and read the story

Nick Spitz is a New York police officer who did not pass the exam for the third time to become a detective, and therefore did not receive the salary increase that would have been guaranteed by the promotion.

But since the man does not have the courage to reveal the failure of his wife Audrey, a hairdresser and a fan of mystery books, he pretends to pass the test and continues to make excuses to postpone the expensive trip the woman is waiting for to Europe. As a honeymoon for many years now.

In order to see her happy, she still organizes the departure and pretends to be surprised and knows that she has to save as much as possible.

On the plane, Audrey meets an eccentric English nobleman, Charles Cavendish, Who invites the couple to participate as guests at his rich uncle’s wedding Malcolm Quince With his ex-girlfriend on a luxury yacht.

Compared to the scruffy “super-saving” tour that Nick booked, it sounds like a dream, and so the two happily accept.

Once Nick and Audrey arrive at future bride Susie Nakamura, his cousin and Quince’s son Toby, actress Grace Ballard, Colonel Olinga, his bodyguard Serge, Maharaja Vikram, race car driver Juan Carlos and, of course, Malcolm. quince.

During dinner the guy announces that he is sure that all his relatives and friends are interested in him only for money, and therefore his new wife Susie will be the only one who will receive the inheritance.

Before he can formally sign the amended will, the lights go out. As soon as he is revived, a terrible discovery occurs before the surprised eyes of everyone: the quince died, stabbed in the chest with a ceremonial dagger.

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But among the guests of the yacht there will soon be other victims …

Although there was no direct link with the people who were killed, Spitz’s husbands would become the prime suspects.

Who is the real killer? What is the motive behind these heinous crimes?

Find out with murder mysteryon Netflix!

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