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Auger-Aliassim lost in the singles, but redeemed herself (thrilling) in the doubles

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Canada b. South Korea 2-1

In Group B. 2022 Davis Cup, incl Spain And Serbia (Novak Djokovic’s orphan), Canada Big risk But he wins his first game, I hear South Korea For the decisive double. In the first match of the day Vasek Pospisil Somehow manage to find one Basic success. Cheong-chan HongThe world number 467 took a step away from the company and didn’t exploit the ball Double break In the third set (it was 4-1 30-40) and arrived Only two points From victory, but stops very nicely. On the other hand, those who don’t stand a step away from the finish line Soonwoo KwanA burning exit can be prevented Felix Auger-Aliassime And slowly return to the game. A win in the tightest tie-break of the first set really paved the way for him The most important achievement of his career, which allowed his national team to play chances for a decisive double. Here’s where South Korea really went One step away from gloryBut failed to take advantage 3-1 in the third set And they see their chances of success diminishing gradually. is below A tale of three matches.

V. Pospisil B. SC Hong 4-6 6-1 7-6 (5)

Given the progression of the rivalry between Kwon and Auger-Aliassime, in retrospect, it can be said that Canada. Two points from a sensational defeat. Vasek PospisilIn fact, he gave the North Americans their first point, winning one A heart pounding game Only solved in The third set is a tiebreaker. Canadian number 2 starts to serve but comes right away Got a cold, initially gives the bar. It is a gap that will already be decisive for the fate of the region. Hong, indeed, Does not tremble at important momentsCanceling two break points – one in the second and one in the sixth game – and not allowing his opponent a return, the archive 6-4 The first fraction. Pospisil does not take long to react Vigor: Allow him a break at dawn and a second set at sunset To reframe the challenge. Ranking number 141 answers clearly as he cancels the break point while serving the set 6-1.

The Canadian could follow up his second set win, but Not taking advantage of break opportunities Given by Hank at the beginning of the third, Risk paying more for them. The South Korean, in fact, put the gap to zero in the next game, cementing the stretch at 3-0. He will have a chance Exciting double break, but Pospisil saved himself with his back to the wall, climbing from 1-4 30-40 to find the hook at 4-4. l’Inactivity The game seems All in his favourNot shaky when needed to stay in the match and eleventh game takes the lead. However, when Hong seems destined for failure, TheOne more twist In this maddening match, the No. 467 ATP took the lead by breaking serve from his opponent. Equilibrium breakdown. Here he was the first to lose his serve, allowing Pospisil to lead 4-2. However, the Canadian suffers a mini-break and sees Hong pull himself up Two points from the match On 5-4: From that moment, unfortunately for him, No more points can be won. With a successful reply the Canadian won the last three, and after more than two and a half hours of play he was victorious 4-6 6-1 7-6 (5)He gave the first point to his national team.

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S. Quan B. F. Auger-Aliassim 7-6 (5) 6-3

Auger-Aliassime’s departure was sensational, immediately jumped out to a 3-0 lead, with Canada winning the first 12 points of the match. Guan can’t find the steps to respond and becomes too overwhelmed Always more During the exchange. The South Korean is forced to face others Three break points In the fourth game, but manages Save and open Thanks for the slip. In his opening three serving rounds, he was ranked 13th in the world Not a single point awardedBut Kwon’s reaction comes in the seventh game, Totally unexpected. A magical winning demi-volley was not enough for Auger-Aliassime as the first chance to break in favor of the South Korean. Send back During the exchange and, shortly after, is attached: 4-4. 74 ATP is very good at keeping up with the game Definitely a complicated startContaining and managing his opponent’s seemingly unstoppable progress Bring the set to a tiebreaker. Here too we are playing on a razor’s edge, Without any short break till the last point. At 5-5 Kwon was the first to reach set point with a brilliant combination damped + hit lob. Auger-Aliassime goes to serve but the exchange doesn’t start as the Canadian does Double mistake And gives his opponent the first part: 7-6 (5).

The number 13 appears in the world distant relative Commended player at the start of the tournament. Now the lost tiebreak doesn’t sway him and the same thing will happen The situation of the first batch, albeit with inverted parts. Kwon, in fact, played some brilliant tennis at times to fly 3-0 straight away. Beautiful short balls – like the one who gives him rest – and is supported by a great service. This shot does just that Negative difference For Auger-Aliassime, he could get no more Direct points Coming back Breakado. The South Korean has a match on his handsBut just one step away from the finish line he had to face a more complicated turn of serve in his game. Cancel four break opportunities But on the fifth occasion to surrender. The Canadian No. 1 tries to get back on track, climbing 2-4, but now The road is torn up. Thanks to others Three disasters straightA veritable extra weapon throughout the second set, Kwan took just one game, 5-3. The crowning glory of his dream. It ranks 74th in the world The most important success in his lifebeating 7-6 (5) 6-3 Auger-Aliassime presents an unexpected opportunity to play it all for his country Double decisive.

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F. Auger-Aliasim / v. Pospisil B. JS Nam / MK Song 7-5 5-7 6-3

Pospisil begins to deteriorate in service, two double faults and a second too soft, allowing the South Koreans to find a gap at the start, immediately confirmed at zero. Nam and song are loaded at almost every point and showing their harmonyA great addition Moment of form. This year, in fact, the 36 games level is controversial ITFin the well Won 32 times, won all 5 titles. One would think that the inexperience of playing such high-level games would pay off sooner or later, but it prevails early on. Little understanding of two Canadians, in only their second match. After the initial break, the set continuesOrder of servicesSouth Koreans are trying Take the net as soon as possible and rarely gave up a 5-3 lead Two points in four rounds on serve. However, at closing time, they deny it Worst performance of the tournament 5-4 on. The song is a double fault and a misjudgment, leaving Pospisil an answer to landing in the wide field. Nam, never beaten at the net, misses a comfortable forehand volley in the open: All these errors are worth the opposite breakdown, the Canadians took the lead for the first time in the match: 6-5. In the twelfth match, No. 13 was found in the singles rankings Great winner and two great answers And, along with them, the first part was also a hit 7-5 By Canadians.

Buoyed by the set they just won, the men in the red jersey made a great start to the second half. A chance to take advantage of an immediate break. However, the song clears it up with a The ticket is peremptory And, not long after, the South Koreans had a golden opportunity to reply. Bad mistake on the web by Auger-Aliassime. However, the same 22-year-old from Montreal pulled a providential one out of his hat. Win first, thanks to which the Canadians managed to advance: 2-1. As was the case during the middle part of the first set, on this occasion too, the games quickly ran out until Canada forced it. Cancel two more breakpoints In the ninth game. They win, keep the leader of the set, but Something starts to sound. Naam and Patal, for their part, stand their ground and win Three consecutive gamesSettling the score with a new one 7-5.

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In the last set of this exciting clash, South Koreans A Get off to a great start. It’s worth combining with the two best answers, Pospicil’s poor volley and Auger-Aliazim’s double fault at 30-40. Breakdown at the start, 2-0 confirmed with authority. there Fatigue It’s starting to feel good for the two Canadians, especially a 32-year-old veteran from Vernon. A long battle in singles. The South Koreans put themselves up 3-1 but, from that moment on, They will never win a game again. Both our service and songs They lose their sharpnessAs more continues Insidious answers No. 13 ATP, this Dragging Pospisil with him to victory. Breaks in the seventh and ninth games sent the 2014 Wimbledon winner (paired with Jacques Sack) in favor of the Canadian. Serve the competition 5-3 on. Keeping it at zero in the last over, Dansvik and his boys can finally cheer. The 7-5 5-7 6-3 The final one offers Canada Success is definitely expectedBut it was certainly difficult to predict that it would turn out this way Worn out. However, kudos to South Korea for going it alone Three games from the bank Only to slide on the most beautiful.

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