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Aubrey Plaza is ready to restart

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cancel sequel to Tomb rider With Alice Vikander, this was a resounding blow to MGM, which she will struggle to get up from. Now countless studios are coming forward to buy the rights to the reboot, and Audrey Plaza is the perfect choice, especially after director Edgar Wright’s gaffe he wanted you to share.

really Bad blow to cancel Tomb Rider 2Above all, because no one thought it was possible. What a pioneer like MGM A potential millionaire sequel opportunity was missed only for Rights Expiry Does not make sense. In fact, it was revealed that among the main reasons, the accumulated delays also due to creative differences with the protagonist led the film to miss deadlines. Under the agreements, MGM was supposed to put A sequel in the works of last May – which did not happen – or the rights to the exploitation would have reverted to the parent company.

Now, The Wrap reveals, “countless studios” are offering to buy it. Besides the similarity, the actress Aubrey Plaza Perhaps it became the perfect choice for recasting after the misstep of director Edgar Wright’s friend. It’s the same actress, now, a Advance to the role In an interview with Newsweek: “I have no idea what the future holds for me, but I love the project. It was so funny when Wright wrote me that I didn’t realize how similar those pictures were. My character, Emily, has a shoulder strap, and Lara Croft has a pistol. It’s very strange and totally accidental, but I accept it. I like action movies and I don’t differentiate between big and small movies. I love all kinds of movies I’d love it if it somehow turned into something realBut who knows, I have no idea. He is an outstanding figure. She is the original strong man“.

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The character referred to in the Plaza is a character emily the criminalwhich – which Edgar Wright You messed up the Tomb RaiderThe same actress reveals: “My friend Edgar saw the new Movie Maker cover and said, ‘Oh my God, are you the new Lara Croft?’ Are you in the new Tomb Raider? This is a picture of Tomb Raider!And I had to explain to him that no, this is my new movie, Emily the Outlaw. But he really thought they chose me as the new Lara Croft. The nice thing is that I read then that they now want to make a new one, so they’re going to need a new hero. I thought, ‘Okay , Here I am!”In fact, the resemblance to Vikander and even more to Angelina Jolie before is noticeable. Do you see it? Tell us in the comments!

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