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Hockey: The skaters club reaches the Champions League

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GROSSETO – The European Hockey League opens the doors to Champions League to me Edilfox Skaters Club. Grosseto, who had already accepted into the WSE Cup thanks to the seventh place in the final season of Serie A, was accepted to participate in the 2022-2023 Champions Cup, after a foreign team was abandoned. Fisr asked Cp Grosseto, who had previously been entitled to Italy (the other place belonged to Spain), his availability to participate in the most important continental event and the President Stefano Osti He did not miss the wonderful opportunity.

Edilfox Grosseto, 40 in the world rankings, will be placed in the third category, along with the battleships Barcelona, ​​Porto and Benfica (which did not participate in the previous edition due to Covid) and will play a four-team focus from September 30 to October 2, which will take place on Saturday 23 July .

«It is a unique opportunity – confirms the President Stefano Osti – which may never happen again, which is why we jumped at it. Being among the sixteen queens of Europe fills us with pride and encourages us to do better and better. We know we have a crew up to the mark, so we are preparing to face this new experience with utmost serenity.”

Participation in the Champions League does not prevent, among other things, the way to WSE . Cup. children Michelle Achelle They will play Focus at the end of September, which will take place at the home of the worst-ranked team. If qualified, Red and White will play the second stage, but from December 16-18 they will also be able to start the journey in the second most important Continental Cup.

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In short, it will be a very difficult season for the ski club, as it can play forty matches between the championship, the Italian Cup and the European Cup. The Tuscan derby with Viareggio, scheduled for Saturday 1 October on the track at Via Mercurio, will resume in the middle of the week.

Accepting the skaters club, Maremma will present two Champions League teams: Galileo Follonica in Category Two (first appearance on September 17) and Edelfox Grosseto (on the field from September 30) in Category Three. record to be proud of.

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