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Asiago Hockey: The season ticket campaign for the first season of the Ice Hockey League has begun

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a companyAsiago Hockey officially opened Subscribe campaign For the first season of the Gelorossi in the prestigious ice hockey league: “a historical event From all points of view“Where all fans the stars will becollected for Help and support Our children are in this important adventure And to be able to admire the quality of gameplay and appear at the highest level“.

For this occasion they were reorganized the different sectors subordinate Altarpiece Hodegart of Asiago Which, starting this year, I’Expected Different sectorsAnd the Locations And the Coincidence To be able to secure a whole season of wonderful feelings“.

In fact, in the ICE Hockey League, in addition to a group Black youth emphasized To support the team, Asiago President Hockey also emphasized, Bercarlo Mantovani‘They will come’great players“and a lot”new teams to knowAnother starting point for fans is the comeback.Historic battles‘Against formations Bolzano and Brunicogreat appointment Continental Glass Scheduled for October on the plateau: “Next season will make Date“.

from July 16 Sarah open sale For all new Asiago fans, while Until July 15 . will be awarded pre-emption than buy ai Gilorossi lovers already Participants in the previous season.

New sectors

Asiago Ice Hockey League - Bala Hodegart Sector Map

Season tickets and single game price

Asiago ICE Hockey League - Seasonal ticket prices for the Pala Hodegart sectors

Information about subscriptions


All season tickets are valid for all matches regular class (26 home matches) and any Before the play-off. for any playoffs The subscriber is entitled to pre-emption On their reserved seats and to discount 30% off the ticket.

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  • Children over 9 and under 18
  • Students up to 25 years old
  • Protected Categories – Minimum Disability 50%
  • Previous subscribers
  • Residents more than 50 km from the stadium (100 km round trip)
  • over 65 years old

Subscription for discounted season tickets must be made at the company secretariat.
Previous season ticket holders are season ticket holders for the 2021/22 season.
For age reductions, 12/31/2022 will be the reference date (for example, those who have reached 18 years of age by the reference date will not be entitled to a reduction).
Students up to the age of 25 must present a university/school card.
Discounts for protected categories will be verified immediately at the time of subscription.


Children and adolescents 4-9 years

Continental Cup

Subscribe to addContinental GlassEntitles you to enter all Continental Cup group matches scheduled in Asiago from 14-16 October 2022, retaining your seat if required on the season ticket.

Purchase period

The previous subscribers 2021/22 You will have the opportunity to purchase a Season Pass until July 15. from July 16 The sale will be open to all.


Who will participate in the month? July He may decide to pay in two installments: the first, which acts as a deposit, equal to 50% at the time of subscription and the second Balance by Friday September 2, 2022.
Once the deposit is paid, you will not be entitled to a refund.

Secretarial sales hours

Monday 16:00-19:00
Wednesday 16:00-19:00
Friday 16:00-19:00

General terms of sale

All 1935 Asiago Hockey season tickets are tickets and non-transferable.
The discounts are not cumulative.
Subscriptions include all “win2day ICE Hockey League” regular season 2022/23 matches and any pre-qualifier matches. With the addition of the Continental Cup package, the quarter-final group matches will also be included, which will take place in Asiago from 14-16 October 2022.
If, due to national or international provisions, or in accordance with the provisions of the relevant associations, spectators are not admitted, or are only partially admitted to the home matches, they shall not be entitled to any refund.
If the tournament or the Continental Cup is not fully held or spectators are not accepted in the competitions, there will be no right to any refund.
In the event that the card is lost or stolen, the card holder must file a regular report of the loss with the relevant authorities and, together with the document issued by them, ask our office to issue a replacement permit.
If a KID or reduced subscription is used by persons who are not entitled to these benefits, the subscription will be canceled and the subscription holder will be reported to the jurisdiction.
Participation in subscription means acceptance of the bylaws.

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Credit: CS Asiago Hockey 1935, photo Serena Fantini

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