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Bellucci studied football in Pompei

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the Modica Football This afternoon he faced a tough test at the Bellucci Football Stadium in Pompei. After a 2-1 defeat at home last Sunday, the team led by Alessandro Cetteneri was forced to acknowledge the superiority of its rival in Campania.

The Pompey side proved to be very strong, beating their opponents 4-0. The first 45 minutes of the match ended with the home team leading 1-0. In the second half, Modica tried to respond, but Pompey managed to break free, creating a practically unassailable deficit for the club of Radienza and Pitino.

Despite the defeat, Modica succeeded in stimulating the football atmosphere. An unusual group of spectators from Modica were in attendance at Pompei, demonstrating the enthusiasm and support this team is capable of arousing.


The goals of the match were scored by Simonetti in the 45th minute + 2 minutes, Mattotti in the 60th minute, Guarasino in the 66th minute, and Di Paola in the 72nd minute. Despite the efforts of the Modica players, they failed to score.

The Pompei lineup was made up of D’Agostino, Riccio, Velotti, Mattotti, Tomolello, Baumfulspinner, Tarasio, Casello, Caso Naturale, Malafronte and Simonetti. Modica’s lineup consisted of Marino, Abbé, Diop, M. Trovato, Parisi, Palermo, Strano, Palmisano, Azzara, Savasta, and Cacciola.

The match was an important lesson for Modica Calcio. Despite the defeat, the team showed fighting spirit and determination. This experience will certainly serve as a lesson for future challenges.

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