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Ascoli Calcio, resuming work in the village of Picchio. Ternana, Donnarumma improves and tests more defense in a 3-picenotime

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After a day’s rest, Ascoli’s preparations resumed in the afternoon for the match against Ternana scheduled for Sunday 15 January at 4.15pm at Stadio Liberati for the 20th match of the Serie B championship. Metabolic work, ball possession and matching work done by a group Christian Bocchi. Morning training is set for tomorrow at 11 o’clock in Picchio Village.

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Afternoon training for Ternana, split between home court and counter-pitch “Tady”. Remedies and personal work for Marco Capuano, Alfredo Donnarumma (Which gave good indications with light runs and some lunges without forcing it anyway) e Francesco Cassata (Still struggling with a flexor strain). Once again the 3-man defense was put to the test, tomorrow for the morning Fere session, starting at 11 with the doors open, again on synthetics from ‘Taddei’. The red and green club have officially expressed their condolences to the coach Aurelio Andrezzoli On the disappearance of her mother-in-law:President Stefano Bandicchi, vice-president Paolo Tagliavento and every member of Ternana Calcio are affectionately clinging to their coach, Aurelio Andrezzoli, on the death of their beloved mother-in-law, Ms. Cesarina. My deepest condolences to the coach, his wife Antonella and the entire family“.

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