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Canada Goose FW22 campaign directed by Cole Spruce

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American actor and photographer Cole Sprouse returns to work with the Canada Goose brand’s Fall/Winter 2022 “Live in the Open” campaign. Made in the Canadian Rockies of Alberta, it features Canada Goose’s latest line of lightweight outerwear, breathable apparel and innovative footwear.

Canada Goose and Cole Spruce, Inspired by the strength and beauty of nature, they return to collaborate Fall/Winter 2022 campaign of the brand.

After the success of last spring’s collaboration, Cole Sprouse brings the new campaign to life “Live Openly” of the brand. A tribute to those who explored these lands before us, inspires all to reach new heights.

Canada Goose FW22/23 campaign directed by Cole Spruce

Directed by photographer and actor Cole Sprouse, the Canada Goose campaign pays homage to the beauty of Mother Nature, its elements and its evolution. Using both digital and analog cameras, Spruce captures the richness of the environment and all its natural charm, as well as the vibrant colors of the brand’s latest collection.

Cole Sprouse: “Delighted to Collaborate Again with Canada Goose”

It is always a question of how we choose to live and interact with our environment. Gone are the days when man opposed nature, and the greatest challenge of our generation is to learn to live in harmony with it. He announced American actor. “With its heritage so firmly rooted in the Canadian wilderness, it’s only fitting that Canada Goose travels to the Canadian Rockies for an open fall/winter campaign. I am delighted to collaborate with this brand again and immortalize this campaign that celebrates the beauty of nature in all its truth ».

The campaign Cole Spruce created for Canada Goose is rooted in the depth and beauty of nature. Nestled amidst snow-capped mountains, frozen blue rivers and awe-inspiring scenery, the Inland Experience of Alberta’s Canadian Rockies offers spectacular views. Here you can enjoy a variety of outdoor winter activities such as skiing, hiking, skiing and diving in the natural world.

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The campaign is underpinned by ethics Live outdoors Canada Goose draws inspiration from its basecamp community, which encourages you to make deeper connections with the natural world and others. The Canada Goose Fall (Winter 2022) collection is available at Canada Goose stores and on the brand’s website.

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