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Art Space | Urban Architecture for the Taormina Festival

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Delivery by April 19, 2022

after book space Launched in 2021, Taormina International Book FestivalIn cooperation with Abitare مجلة Magazinereturns to promote a new international architectural design competition open to students of architecture and academies of fine arts.

in partnership with Taormina Arte Foundation SicilyL’This year’s edition is meant to be a tribute to all the artswhich starts from the heart of the Mediterranean to engage the younger generations of the planet.

Participants will have to design urban architecture For one of the most emblematic and picturesque places in Taormina: April 9th ​​SquareBelvedere is the perfect meeting point between the waters of the Ionian Sea, and the nearby hills where caves suggestive of ancient theater and the dominant landscape of Etna are formed.

The goal is Creating a work that expresses on the one hand the values ​​and the international dimension of the two festivals On the other hand, Reaffirming the strong link that has developed over the centuries between the city of Sicily and expressions of human genius: a relationship that grew through the writers who loved her, the painters who drew inspiration from her, and the films shot there (including Adventure by Michelangelo Antonioni, the subject of special celebrations this year in memory of the great protagonist, Monica Vitti).

The installation that will be displayed for days Taobok Festival (16-20 June 2022) H Taormina Film Festival (June 26 – July 2, 2022), it will be Dry – in wood, metal and fabric – with the participation of the winning designers, in coordination with the Executive Technical Committee and implemented at costs borne by the Taormina Arte Cecilia Foundation, which will identify a specific company after trying the procedures stipulated in the legislative decree of April 19, 2016 n. 50 and subsequent modifications

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The maximum cost of the business is estimated at €16,500.00 + VAT.

This year’s proposals will be evaluated on the basis of four criteria: • concept, development of theme and relationship with place • functionality and expression of space • technical and constructive feasibility • economic feasibility.

Who can participate

The competition is open to regular members of the academies of fine arts, degree courses in architecture, and Italian and foreign universities. It is allowed to participate in the competition in working groups.

Registration must be done in the manner described on the website

Once registration is complete, participants receive an email containing the basic materials for drafting a project proposal.


– Giovanni Francesco Tozzolino Architect and jury head
Antonella Ferrara head of taupok
Sarah Bunty Managing Editor Abitare
Mario Botta Architect
Bernardo Campo Extraordinary Commissioner of the Taormina Arte Cecilia Foundation
Christina Cassar Scalia Writer
Constance Decatro Writer
Dario Phyllis Architect
Kiara Gatti Art critic and historian

The selected projects will be published in the magazine Abitare and the winners will participate in the completion of the work and speak at a roundtable on the relationship between art and architecture during the twelfth edition of the Taobock Festival, from 16-20 June. .

Announcement | + info

The project that won a kiss in the 2021 edition
By French Antoine Jaeger and Auguste Hegelkm from ENSAPM in Paris

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