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European women’s football: Italy and Belgium TV ratings

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there Italian women’s national team say goodbye Europeans 2022 Maintain the last stability Listen to TV To guide Italy and Belgium.

Broadcast on Sky Sport and free-to-air on Rai 1, the Italians’ last race in the European Championships gathered almost in front of the small screen 3 million spectators On the national grid, for a percentage of 18% of the audience. The full participation of the fans from home allowed the match to win without many competitors in the listening competition.

several numbers for sky Instead, he followed the national team challenge 301,000 spectatorsfor 1.9% of Odesel.

Italy’s first match at the start of the group stage reached similar numbers. In fact, about 2.6 million viewers watched the match against France.

Therefore, despite the negative experience of the Azzurri at Euro 2022, it is clear how much interest in women’s football has increased not only among the fans but also in general public opinion. In addition, being able to easily access match broadcasts helps greatly in the development of the movement.

The hope now is that interest not only in the national team but also in the women’s first division teams will continue to increase even beyond the confines of the major competitions.

In any case, the numbers reached by the national team in the World Cup 2019 in France are still far away. The first match in Italian women’s history is broadcast on Rai 1sign up 7.32 million from viewers. Record number of women’s football in our country.

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Sure, the media following a global competition like the World Cup remains elusive, but women’s football is starting to become a habit for Italian television as well.

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