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Storm in Canadian hockey world: “Confederation covered up rapes of players”

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Hockey is taking Canada’s iconic sport by storm. Canada’s premier ice sports federation, Hockey CanadaNot merely accused of actually having Covering dozens of sexual assault cases to protect his playersBut many rape allegations should be drawn and silenced National Equity Fund, in which the registration fees of young players are combined. Now the federation is mired in controversy, with supporters abandoning ship, amid a parliamentary inquiry and the disappointment of thousands of Canadian parents. It all started in April when the 24-year-old Hockey Canada (which has run programs and teams from the junior level to the Olympic team for more than a century) claimed to be him. She was raped by eight soldiersSome members of the youth national team, in the summer of 2018, A LondonIn Ontario, followed by a fundraising dinner. The woman said she was pressured not to report the gang-rape. In May, it was discovered that Hockey Canada had signed one Out of court settlement With the woman to keep the matter quiet without revealing the identity of the accused.

pandora’s box

Since then, Pandora’s box has been discovered: them Other complaints surfaced Another allegation of gang rape against youth national team players dates back to 2003. Parliament has opened an investigation into the federation, freezing federal funding and pressuring union leaders to resign.. On June 27, during high-level parliamentary hearings on the federation and the sport, it was found that this was not the first time Hockey Canada had intervened. cover up Actions of its players: Over the past six years, the federation has handled domestic sexual violence cases once or twice a year. And, from 1989 to date, it has been paid 7 million euros To reach out-of-court settlements 21 cases of rape. All come from the company’s National Equity Fund, funded by player registration fees. Brian CairoHockey Canada’s chief financial officer has defended himself by absolving the perpetrators of their responsibilities, responding to a member of parliament who raised the issue of using funds to settle sexual assault allegations.Support victims, not criminals“.

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A race to cover

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau intervened in the matter, urging Hockey to “seriously deal with this dark side of him”. Patriarchal culture And there is no punishment for those who uphold it. Hockey Canada is committed to “breaking the silence and eliminating toxic behaviors.”. The federation announced that No longer using Nation Equity funds To quiet sexual assault allegations, it would instead invest the money in player insurance, counseling, treatment, criminal background checks for employees and additional support for players who have suffered physical injuries. Then the organization announced 2018 will resume investigations into sexual assault casesThen refer the decision to an independent arbitrator.

“Hockey Canada understands that Canadians’ trust in us has been shattered and is committed to taking all possible steps to regain it,” the federation’s president and CEO said. Scott Smith During the parliamentary hearing. “I know you want answers and you want to see concrete action on our part to end the culture of permissive silence. Toxic behaviors and many others Gender difference To rot in the corners of our game. I want that too.” “We don’t take the trust parents have in Hockey Canada for granted, and we know the steps we’re taking now should have been taken sooner. He said that we will work tirelessly to regain the lost confidence Esther Matsia, Communications Manager Hockey Canada.

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