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Actions of technology drive stock markets. The Stm V&A shines in Piazza Afari

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Piazza Affari is positive after Nasdaq recovers

The European stock markets They rose, led by the tech sector EuroStoxx50 index +0.6%. Piazza Affari +0.7%. Yesterday Wall Street A remarkable comeback almost ends in a draw. At the start of the session, the Nasdaq fell more than -2%. Microsoft And to heighten geopolitical tensions, Germany authorized the transfer of its Panther tanks to Ukraine. A better signal from the US stock market, but to see renewed push signals, the S&P500 and Nasdaq need to breach biased thresholds towards 4,200 and 12,000 points, respectively.

Bad race near the terminal

The bond market hasn’t moved and now we’re looking at the February 2nd ECB meeting. Btp 3.92%. A change in interest rates around the world is expected. The Bank of Canada, in its eighth consecutive hike, said in a statement last night, In order to understand the effects of tightening on the economic structure, one wants to take a break.

PIAZZA AFFARI: STM’s highest in a year


Fixed at €14.09. Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) is set to sign an offshore gas exploration and production agreement with Eni on Saturday.. Noc’s number one Farhat Bengdara said.


It is down 0.4%. The collection phase should be closed within a few days Offerings for a twenty billion euro life insurance portfolio.


0.1% saline may reset Commissions for electronic payments of less than thirty euros.

STM extension

+8%, max flying for one year. Quarterly results released this morning showed revenue of $4.4 billion, up 24% year-over-year to the consensus of $4.39 billion. The overall margin was 47.5%, slightly better than expected. The results were supported by demand from the industrial and automotive sector. Forecasts for the first quarter are better than expected for both sales and profits. And above are the targets for 2023.

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Salt 6%. It closed in 2022 with revenues exceeding one billion euros, driven by the excellent performance of the retail channel and the brand of the same name, and looks optimistically at future results.

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