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Apple removes Bible and Quran applications from the Chinese App Store

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At the behest of the Chinese government, Apple removed a Koran and Bible processor from the Chinese App Store.

According to media reports, Apple has two popular religious apps from the App Store China Expelled. BBC Sea Removed the use of “Bible App of the Olive Tree” and Quran “Quran Majeed”. Both deletions had this in the first place Portal Apple Censorship entdeckt, Publishes audit activities in the App Store. “Quran Majeed” is one of the most popular Quranic applications in the world.

From Apple Prohibited religious practices are classified as “illegal religious texts” by Chinese authorities. The Pakistani developer who developed the Koran processor claimed that the processor was rated illegal by the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) and was later removed by Apple. This processor had over one million users in China alone.

“Apple becomes Chinese government’s audit office”

Benjamin Ismail, project manager at Apple Audit, says: “Apple is currently being made the Beijing Audit Office.” Ismail calls on Apple to “do the right thing” and face any reaction from the Chinese government.

Apple did not want to comment on the case with the British BBC and simply referred to its “human rights policy”, saying it was “obliged to comply with local law”.

According to the New York Times, the Chinese government is downgrading Applications It is illegal for them to report on topics such as the independence of Tibet and Taiwan, the Dalai Lama or the spiritual movement Fallon Kong. According to the NYT, Apple has developed mechanisms in China to audit applications on such topics, thus satisfying the government.

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By June 2020, Apple had removed 1,217 processors at the request of the Chinese government and completed 91 percent of the requests. According to Apple, these are mainly gambling or pornographic apps.

Under pressure from officials, Apple introduced the New York Times processor in 2017 in China Removed from App Store. That same year, Apple launched Remove VPN apps from its Chinese App StoreIt can bypass the country’s Internet barriers.

Apple China-Stumble

Not even that Islam Or Christian Religion Is officially banned in the People’s Republic. However, China has been accused of human rights abuses and genocide against the Uyghur majority in Xinjiang. One million Uyghurs and others are mostly Muslim minorities Are to be kept in secret detention camps. The big Apple suppliers are said to be in the thousands Uyghurs in compulsory labor schemes Used in China.

Critics have accused Apple CEO Tim Cook of accommodating the Chinese government during the censorship – and not publicly criticizing it for treating the Muslim minority. China is important for Apple as a sales market on the one hand and a very important manufacturing location on the other.

China is constantly tightening the screws

Done a few days ago Microsoft LinkedIn is the Chinese version of the industry network Tightened after increased pressure from officers. Beijing recently acted with an iron fist against Chinese technology companies. It became very powerful, in the eyes of the government.

As early as 2018, Beijing tightened the surveillance screw with a new cyber security law. Since then, Apple has had to use it Information Chinese iCloud users store large data on the servers of Chinese company Guizhou Cloud Big Data in China. Chinese law enforcement agencies want easy access to data on Chinese citizens. In addition to being suspected terrorists and criminals, civil rights activists critical of the government are also affected.

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Other dictatorial countries are following China’s example: Recently Apple and Google removed Electoral use of Russian opposition from their App Stores after “unprecedented” pressure from Moscow.


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