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Appearance on Rue du Bac, Paris

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One of the most famous devotions in the world is the Order of Our Lady of the Miracle, on the Rue du Bac in France, where it all begins at night, between July 18 and 19, 1830. That’s what happened.

A mysterious angel awakens, in the middle of the night, Sister Catherine Laboure, and invites her to follow him into the novice church.

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Today, this place is known all over the world as the Rue du Bac Church. There, Our Lady was waiting for the very young nun to give her a lot of thingswhich she was to keep secret, and declare that God wanted to entrust her with an important task for the good of souls.

It is great to relive the extraordinary moments of this debut, Straight from Katrina’s story in her diarya year later, in 1834.

Catherine tells about Madonna’s first appearance on Rue du Bac

At half past eleven In the evening I hear myself calling out by name: ‘Sister Laboure! Sister Laboree!’. He woke me up, looking to the side the sound came from, which was by the bed aisle. I pull the curtain and see a child in white clothes, ages 4-5, and says to me: Come to the church, the Holy Virgin is waiting for you. Immediately I think: “They will hear me!”. But this child’s response: “Don’t worry, it’s past half past eleven and everyone is sleeping peacefully.

Come and I will wait for you. Then I quickly got dressed and followed the child who remained standing without going over the head of the bed. The boy followed me, or rather, I followed him wherever he was, always staying to my left. Lights lit up everywhere we passed, much to my surprise. But I was even more surprised at the entrance For the church: as soon as the child touched it with the tip of a finger, the door opened.

The wonders were all the more complete when I saw all the candles and all the torches lit, as in the midnight mass. But I still don’t see Madonna. The child took me to the priest, beside the principal’s chair, where I fell on my knees. While the child remains on his feet all the time. Since it seemed to me that it had been so long, Every now and then I would look frightened if the underage nuns went through the fair.”

It would be impossible for me to say what I felt

The time has finally come. The little boy warned me, “Here is the Holy Virgin, here she is.” I heard a bang, Like the rustle of silk robes coming from the side of the pulpit, Near the San Giuseppe painting. And I saw the Holy Virgin coming to rest on the steps of the altar next to the Gospel. She was the Holy Virgin, but to me she looked like Saint Anna, the face was not the same. I wasn’t sure if it was Madonna. But the child said to me, “Here’s our lady!”

It would be impossible for me to say what I felt in that moment and what was happening to me. It seemed to me that I did not recognize the Holy Virgin. That’s when this kid talked to me. But not in the voice of a child, but as a man. I am watching Then she jumped towards the Holy Virgin. I knelt on the steps of the altar, and put my hands on the knees of the Blessed Virgin.

The endless sweetness of that moment

That was the sweetest moment of my life. It would be impossible for me to say all that I tried. Our Lady explained to me how I should behave with my boss and many things I could not say. He taught me how to organize myself in my pain. And he showed me my feet on the altar with his left hand, and told me to go and throw myself at the bottom of the altar to widen my heart.

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Adding that I would have there all the amenities I needed (on the altar there is Jesus and the Lady always pointing to her son). Our Lady: “My daughter, the good God wants to entrust you with a message. It will be the source of much pain for you, But you will overcome them, believing that they are for the glory of the good Lord, and you will have a blessing. Say everything that happens to you simply and confidently. You will see certain things, your prayers will inspire you. Tell them who is responsible for guiding you.”

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Rue du Bac: Catherine’s Past Visions

Without wanting to break this charming atmosphere created by continuing the story Straight from the “Voice” of St. Catherine, I would like to emphasize how beautiful the utmost confidence that binds the dreamer to the Madonna. As soon as he saw the Virgin, he threw himself on his knees, with tenderness and tenderness towards that mother who had often been his only support, and who had come from a mother when she was only ten years old, as we have seen. Let us now continue his testimony.

Then I asked the Blessed Virgin for an explanation of the things that had been shown to me. And the Lady answered: ‘Times are bad.’ Serious disasters are about to strike France. The throne will fall. The whole world will be shocked by all kinds of misfortunes. (And the The Holy Virgin said this, she looked very sad). But come to the bottom of this altar. Here blessings are scattered to all who seek them with confidence and zeal: young and great.

Prophetic words of the Virgin

(…) Great evils will arise. The danger would be great. But do not be afraid, God’s protection is always there in a certain way, and Saint Vincent will protect society. I myself will be with you, I have always been watching you. I will thank you very much. There will come a time when the danger will be great and all will seem lost, but I will be with you. trust. You will have clear evidence of my visit and the protection of God and Saint Vincent over the two sects.”

But it will not be the same for other societies. There will be victims (saying that the Holy Virgin had tears in her eyes). There will be victims in the clergy in Paris: the archbishop will die (again the Virgin sheds tears). My daughter will despise the cross. The blood will flow. They will open our Lord’s side again (the Holy Virgin could no longer speak, great pain appeared on her face). My daughter the whole world will be in trouble.

How long have you been with Our Lady, I can’t tell

All I know is that it was fading away like a faint shadow. I just knew something was coming out. And only then did he keep heading toward the runway, on the side he had come from. Lift me up from the steps of the altar, I knew the child I left in it, Who told me “I’m gone!”. We went the same way again, always finding all the lights on and this kid was always on my left.

I think this child was my guardian angel, who showed himself to make me see the Blessed Virgin. why meOr in fact, I begged him a lot to get me Such a service. He was dressed in white and carried with him a miraculous light, that is, he shone with light, at the age of four to five. I went back to bed, I heard the second hour. I never went back to sleep.”

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Rue du Bac: What happened?

This first appearance was very intense. Our Lady’s words echoed as a powerful reminder of the “daughters of love” community of which Catherine was also a part. On the other hand, They predicted grave misfortunes for the future of France Which was later found confirmation. In July 1830, the so-called July Revolution occurred which resulted in the abdication of King Charles X, who was forced to flee to England.

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After a few years the revolutions of 1848 will come They will bleed all of Europe. Until the proclamation of the Second French Republic. But only four years later, it will give way to the Second Empire of Napoleon III, and we in 1852, which will launch a dictatorial policy. It seriously harms religious freedom and the values ​​of the Christian faith.

Then, as it is today and throughout human history, The battle between good and evil, She made a tangible face in the events of France and Europe

A second apparition followed in September 1830. And finally the third, The most important on November 27, 1830 During which the Virgin Mary showed the miraculous medal. And this is precisely the date that was chosen in memory of the cycle of the Marian apparitions on the Rue du Bac.

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