Home science Zingaretti and Mayor Mengoni at the opening of the “Ronciglione Hub” space

Zingaretti and Mayor Mengoni at the opening of the “Ronciglione Hub” space

Zingaretti and Mayor Mengoni at the opening of the “Ronciglione Hub” space

“Ronciglione Hub” opened yesterday.

A space designed by young people and for young people that will transform the former headquarters of the Civil Protection into a meeting place, a completely renovated area accessible to the entire community.

Here in Ronceglione – proclaimed the governor of Lazio – a cell of life and social cohesion was born. This center should become a point of meeting and comparison. We, as the region of Lazio, invest in school, university and work, but also in youth, in music, in culture, we have opened ten youth hostels and we will not stop.”

Among the activities proposed by the Spazio Ronciglione Hub, run by the Juppiter Youth Association, are guided visits to archaeological, artistic, historical, natural, food and wine sites; Educational activities and workshops. language, computer, cooking and sewing courses; meetings and workshops; Recreational, sporting, musical and artistic activities to prevent and reduce social discomfort (including futsal tournaments, beach volleyball, concerts, music reviews, film screenings and documentaries). A free technology platform will also be available at the Tourism Information and Services Center for young people (14-35 years old) and for pilgrims on the Via Franchigina. In addition to the youth information desk.

The project, which is part of the Youth Track, is funded by the Lazio region with financial support from the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. Spazio Ronciglione Hub is managed in cooperation with the municipality of Ronciglione.

The event was attended by Mayor of Ronciglione Mario Mingoni, President of Juppiter Salvatore Regoli, Director of “Ronciglione Hub” Daniela Sangiorgi, Head of Special Children’s Activities “Ronciglione Hub” Gabriella Polidori, Regional Adviser for Social Policies Alessandra Troncarelli. Lorenzo Ciarreta, Presidential Delegate for Youth Policy, and Enrico Pannunzi, Regional Adviser.


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