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Ansaldo Energia plan ‘tears and blood’ in September but unions do not exist: ‘We will fight to defend them’

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Genoa. Ansaldo Energia finds itself in a situation Before bankruptcy With debts exceeding revenues in the hundreds of millions of euros, and if the largest shareholder, Cassa Depositi e Loans – does not quickly recapitalize, the company You’ll have to take the books to court Even without being able to pay the salaries of 2,400 employees between workers and employees.

Ansaldo Energia CEO explained this afternoon before the Board of Directors Giuseppe Marino who immediately summoned him Trade unions and RSU To predict that in September an industrial plan will be presented that unions call “tears and blood with hundreds of surplus”. Federico Grondona Fiume.

If there was talk a couple of months ago about “clouds” With the gas turbine orders discontinued and, meanwhile, those for converting several coal plants, the situation appears to have accelerated very quickly.

“Marino says this is the fault of the war, but the fault lies with an unreliable CEO who in the past two years has not made the company receive any new orders in Italy – says the unionist – and the green technology plan will arrive in 5 years. In the meantime, we will find Ourselves in 2023 with 250,000 unloading hours and no orders, zero work and that means hundreds of iterations but we’re not there.”

In the morning, the unions called Complex in front of the factory gates They are determined to start the fight immediately: “We have to tell the city what is happening in Ansaldo Energia and we have to defend this company as we have done for years with the construction sites in Sestri Poniente. We will not allow him to close Ansaldo.”

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“We are closely watching the difficulties of the moment but we are well aware of the development potential for the future – he says Christian Vinzano From Fim Cisl – Ansando Energia with its gas turbine turbines, Ansaldo Nucleare is defined as Green Energy and the new Ansaldo Green TEAC can certainly play an important role in the renewable energy market and in the power park business.” For Venzano, “This situation can be mitigated perhaps by Through tools that can lead to savings or efficiency systems along with analysis of all activities that can be accommodated to increase working hours while also providing economic capacity. Solutions to maintain professional protection should not be affected in the least. Like Ansaldo Energia, the three shutdown stations can restart and focus on affected markets with less impact from the gas surge. And CDP as the major shareholder must believe in this leading energy group: it must bring in new economic resources to plan for a potentially very important future. If this does not happen like Fim Cisl, we are ready to take any mobilizing action, even harsh, to protect the company and employment.”

“If this administration thinks of implementing a plan that will make the workers pay the price, for us they are very mistaken, because they will have no room for discussion with us,” cried the regional secretary of Olim. Antonio Apa. We will speak directly with the majority shareholder to discuss a credible business plan, which will pave the way for any proposed separation while protecting the company and all of its workers. It will be the task of the Federation as a whole to raise the bar as Ansaldo’s survival is at stake, and we must jointly devise a plan of struggle and mobilization that will send this illusory industrial plan to the dispatcher.”

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