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“I’m going to lose my sight, that’s why I stopped making films”

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It’s hard to forget a file Little tutu casio in a New Paradiso Cinema From Giuseppe Turnator. to Today is another day From Serena Burton The 42-year-old actor has revealed why he gave up making films despite his promising career that started at the age of eight. While filming the famous Oscar-winning movie, he was diagnosed with one degenerative diseases leading to vision loss.

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Totò Cascio a Today is another day

He never wanted to talk about it, but now he has found the strength to write The Glory and Proof of My New Cinema 2.0 Heaven. “I did a lot of interviews, but I kept them confidential because of my resignation. I don’t want to feel pity”. At the age of eight, he started having trouble reading and after being randomly selected for the lead role in the movie, he found out that he was ill. A genetic problem affected his brother as well.

Totò Cascio a Today is another day

“I was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa. It was a difficult years, but now I have been able to get my life back in my hands thanks primarily to faith”. In the movie he says:It was a wonderful spontaneously made experience. I was selected after a photographic selection and a couple of tests. Tornator fell in love with me.” Fate was that the movie also spoke of a man who lost his sight in the cinema he runs, a problem that has always been a disgrace to Cascio. He never wanted to talk about it, but that’s why he didn’t direct many films: “With two sick children, my father did not feel a desire to move to Rome. He had investment intelligence and opened two supermarkets.”

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