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Saints Row, preview –

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Are you ready to (re)experience the most dangerous criminal rise of all time as heroes? This is our preview of the Saints Row reboot by Volition

Officially introduced during Gamescom for 2021, this new Saints Row certainly can’t be said to have set lives on fire. In fact, if there was anything good about the first trailer, it was erased by countless controversies that most of the time had nothing to do with the actual game, and which nonetheless doesn’t look particularly great. Last year’s event was a misunderstanding, so a poorly assembled trailer, or really the new Saints Row couldn’t aspire to anything else?

This is the suspicion that swirled until a few days ago about the reboot of Volition, which today we can reveal to you has been partially resolved thanks to a new wave of information coming straight from the source that we propose in this Video Reviews for Saints Row.

Finally in focus

Saints Row: The editor is as deep as he is crazy. Here you can really be anyone!

Deep Silver and Volition actually showed us 22 minutes of video with enough information to make us drastically change our minds about the new Saints Row, which has gone from a colorless project to a potentially definitive hoax simulation, which is a wand for now. Personally placed in the hands of Just Cause 2.

Let’s say that little is said about the gameplay, the presentation has focused on it Personalization Allowed, but any changes to weapon, character, vehicles and headquarters are shown within the game menus and in full motion. Pieces of well-combined gameplay, taken from the outside and not as the player will experience, that nonetheless hit the mark, finally revealing Saints Row in decent shape.

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Expressing yourself is a key concept in Saints Row, and to do that we will be given a number of options that look amazing. L ‘Character Editor It allows you to create completely different characters, and the ability to change the texture of the skin with the most extreme alternatives, such as sparkling vines and cutting volcanic rocks to the Thing of the Fantastic Four, frees you from any obligation. In Saints Row it will be possible to create very realistic characters, fun heroines that look like they came out of an anime, atomic avengers with deformed skulls and asymmetric features.

The most unexpected options have been added to this already exceptional layer of personalization, and there are many of them as well: we will be able to specify the details of our gender or with which icon we cover, for example a heart or a more laughable banana, any tan / burn marks and then tattoos and inevitable scars but in such quantities rare. But the characters will also feature special moves and abilities.

Batmobile or 313?

Saints Row: We love exaggerated work, but it has to be done right.  Will the new Saints Row pass this test, too?
Saints Row: We love exaggerated work, but it has to be done right. Will the new Saints Row pass this test, too?

We can find the same interest in Vehicle and weapons customization. The appearance of each car can be distorted by the use of kits, gadgets and spoilers; Like our bodies, even cars can be taken to the extreme, for example by making tires so large that they resemble the legendary 313 of Donald Duck. Cars can be equipped with special upgrades that allow you to get an infinite turbo, as well as to take advantage of a side shot or a spurs of Bondiani to rip the wheels of any chaser. The pull back cable can be especially fun, especially to put a strain on the game physics that we hope to be up to.

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As for weapons, the same treatment: in addition to being able to change textures and add different trinkets, we will also be able to take advantage of special skins capable, for example, of turning a submachine gun into a deadly parachute, similar to the real Joker machine guns that will also introduce new animations to -hoc; In the video, one of these was also shown special skins Dedicated to a rocket launcher, and converted into a guitar case modeled once upon a time in Mexico by Rodriguez. I already know I’ll have a lot of fun looking up all the quotes and getting them right…

under control

Saints Row: a criminal empire run by a crazy chef... and why not?
Saints Row: a criminal empire run by a crazy chef… and why not?

Everything we have said so far will also be available to followers who will populate the increasingly flashy headquarters dei Saints, the now classic “church” in which we can adapt to all kinds of delusions of grandeur. Ah, we can also decide which cars they’ll be commuting around town with, but it’s not a new job. In the final minutes of the video, we also get a glimpse of what kind of structure Saints Row will advance: on the second floor of the church we’ll find the strategic creek, and above it a map of the city divided into zones not to be troublesome.

Each area will provide Saints with a steady income that will likely increase as we complete activities, broken down into major and better imagined, minor, and finally from that diverse group made primarily of collectibles. Nothing particularly exciting at first glance, but Saints Row is the last to want, and ultimately must, give the open world a boost.

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Waiting for the rest…

Saints Row: And the same small allotment can be used on the rest of the gang, as of course for the church, the seat of the saints
Saints Row: And the same small allotment can be used on the rest of the gang, as of course for the church, the seat of the saints

What Saints Row should do is embrace his nature sandbox Altogether, enjoy totally crazy missions and never take ourselves too seriously, let’s say never. The series has always had major identity problems, and eventually found trouble choosing not to have any. Now he has the chance to start over but he can’t make a mistake even on one of the components. For now, we can say that the reveal’s false start has been largely negated by this new set of information, and as we also imagine a new trailer you can all see as soon as this preview becomes available online.

It looks like the Saints Row reboot has finally hit the target, but it’s still too early to celebrate. Now we want to know everything else: to understand how the gameplay is based on cause and effect, the weight of physics, potential plot, and details about multiplayer because the barn in Saints Row is essential, what can we expect next from missions and secondary content hopefully more In line with the second game in the series. Let’s hope they don’t spend their entire budget giving us a billion different outfits, because that would be a shame. We will excitedly discover the truth on August 23.


  • Extreme customization of characters and objects
  • Exaggerated work
  • Interesting sand scents


  • What will the secondary activities be like?
  • How will progress really work?
  • Such intense action deserves a combat system at the peak

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