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Anger at The Hague Tribunal (re)unifies Israel. Biden: “The decision is disgraceful.”

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toDavide Frattini, Jerusalem correspondent

Gantz and the opposition also stand with Netanyahu: “It is shameful to get close to terrorists”

From our correspondent
Jerusalem – “Emergency Operations Room” as if another war had broken out. It was drafted by Foreign Minister Israel Katz a few hours after the Hague Declaration. attack – As it is considered in Israel – one way or another It brings together parliamentarians divided by political conflicts. Why is there a request to arrest Benjamin Netanyahu?The first was formulated against the leader of a democratic country It shakes the entire system.

Yair Lapid, the opposition leader, admits this “Political disaster” In his opinion, the reason is the Prime Minister, but he repeats: “We cannot accept the comparison between Netanyahu and Sinwar.”. The same words were repeated by Merav Michaeli, leader of the Labor Party, until the end of the month: “It’s a scandal”The names of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense are in the same indictment that seeks to criminalize “A.” Terrorist group And as cruel as Hamas.” And as Benny Gantz, who a few days ago issued a warning to the Prime Minister “to change course, otherwise we will cause the Israeli ship to collide with the rocks” also says: “This step is a historical crime».

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Messianic and extremist ministers such as Bezalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben Gvir – whose statements about the “extermination” of the Palestinians contributed to shaping the judges’ decision – Defining prosecutors as “anti-Semites”compare the document with “Nazi propaganda” And They urge Netanyahu to press ahead with the invasion of Gaza. For his part, The Hague Public Prosecutor Khan rejects the accusations leveled by Israel: “Antisemitism, hatred, and the idea that we are applying the law blindly, that we are taking one side, while being hostile to the other side, could not be further from that.” To Real Madrid”.

Yet analysts – and even many critics of the longest-serving prime minister in the country’s history – have already arrived We expect that Attorney General Karim Ahmad Khan’s statements may, in one way or another, help revive Netanyahu’s declining popularityBecause the whole country feels under siege – even more than Bibi chose to describe as an “existential threat”.

The people who risk not being able to travel abroad (at least in the 124 countries that have signed the Rome Statute), if the request is confirmed by the judges, will be the Prime Minister and Yoav Galant. but The threat also concerns the generals, whom the court has not yet mentioned. From the top of the armed forces to the bottom. A collective fear that Pepe explains immediately extends to everyone: “An action directed against soldiers fighting in Gaza. I reject the disgusting comparison between democratic Israel and the mass murderers of Hamas. “Citizens, I promise you that attempts to stop us will fail.” In any case, the General Staff estimates that the war, which has already entered its eighth month, could continue for another six months.

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The Israeli government will try to push the Americans to impose sanctions on the court in The Hague. president Joe Biden has already described the move as “outrageous.”“There is no parity between Hamas and Israel, even if that is what the Attorney General seems to be implying.” Secretary of State Anthony Blinken reinforces the position: “The United States rejects the announcement with all its might.”

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