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But little Rachel made it. “Miraculously Healed”

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when the little Rachel Young Born with over 100 Tumors It affects almost all of its organs, and it was not expected to live. The benign tumors They were growing in all of the baby’s major organs, including her heart. His condition was so serious – and rare – that doctors told his parents to prepare for the worst. So far there he did that.

Rachel’s story

His story was told by the British tabloid Mirror. After participating in a pioneering treatment, the little girl stunned everyone. Now, at 20 months old, I’m completely cured. Rachel’s mother Katie told how she and her husband Simon, 39, were “stunned” to learn that their daughter had more than 100 tumors on her body when she was just a few days old. “It was a huge shock to us – she said – my pregnancy was normal. Doctors told us they hadn’t seen anything like this in 40 years and didn’t know if they could cure Rachel. Because they don’t have a case to compare.”

the disease

Already 24 hours after his birth, the tragic discovery: tests revealed that he had infantile myofibromatosis, in its most severe form. The rare disease causes benign tumors to grow in the skin, muscles, bones, and organs. “We had never heard of such a disease before – says the mother – the doctors told us that tumors were in every organ in her body, including many in her heart.” Fortunately, the tumors were benign, but the fact that there are so many of them can cause life-threatening damage. Then the girl underwent chemotherapy.

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Little Rachel underwent an experimental treatment at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge when she was two weeks old. After 18 months of grueling chemotherapy sessions, finally the good news: Doctors were able to tell Rachel’s family that all of her tumors were gone. Since these were developmental cancers that developed in the womb, they are not likely to return. The brave little girl was given a glass pill for every chemotherapy session she underwent: in the end she collected hundreds. “And in spite of all that she has been through, she is a happy little girl with a smile for all–as her mother says–little brother Henry is glad to have his sister at home: he never ceases to cuddle her.”


Rachel still has to be monitored every three months for cancers, but she hasn’t returned yet. “When we were told a few days after she was born that she had more than 100 tumors, we thought we would have to face the future without her – and her mother concluded – now instead we got a lot of hope. Our hope is called Rachel.”

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