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Also space for an 18,000 seat banquet hall

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Some additional details are emerging about what will be the new Cagliari and Cagliari stadium. Opera 200 million euros

There is some news regarding the final design of The theater that will rise on ashes Saint Elijah. The work that will cost Almost 200 million eurosYou will see the light 2025.

Details show: There will be room forconcert arena From 18 thousand seats, the largest (inland) region in Sardinia for this type of event. as stated in castedduonlineRegarding the hotel there will be 34 hospitality spaces, 26 Skybox in the main stand and 8 field suites placed on both sides of the stadium For an experimental approach of the last generation with the audience. Inside the project there A hotel with 122 rooms and about 1,200 square meters dedicated to conferences, meetings and business meetings (Implemented in partnership with an international operator in the sector). Among these stand out Exhibition Center with a capacity of a thousand seatsa Auditorium with a capacity of 120 seats and space joint work From 25 places. File created A health center with an area of ​​4,000 square metersthe largest in Sardinia in partnership with a mid-high-end sector operator.

last steps: Now we need a declaration of public interest that goes along with the technical approval (Conference on Environmental Assessment and Decision-Making Services). Therefore, project verification and validation on the basis of international bidding and tendering and signing of the contract with the concessionaire who will win the bid will be required. At this point, the final sprint counted for another 31 months: executive design, plant construction and management. The new stadium should be ready for 2025-2026 season.

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