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Godzilla x Kong, the first teaser may have already revealed important details about the movie’s plot and new villain

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the MonsterVerse Ready to go again: Two years later, the first teaser trailer for the sequel was released in The Last Days Godzilla x Konga new chapter in the franchise that brings together the best of both worlds and characters that have defined cinematic history.

At the moment it was about Address revealBut knowing that in a year we will be back in the hall to see Godzilla x Kong – The New Empire It was enough for gas kaiju lovers, it was already launched with hypotheses. In the very short video, in fact, you can see the skulls of two friends of foe and Someone sitting on a throne exists in the Hollow Earth.

According to a very popular theory these days, this teaser has already revealed a few more details. Specifically, he may have confirmed it What happened during the titan war, the massive conflict between monsters whose allusions are peppered throughout the MonsterVerse movies. First of all, whoever sits on the throne is almost certainly of Kong’s gender; It’s already been hinted at, despite the goodwill of the protagonist’s giant ape Skull Islandmay not be his relatives and ancestors at all.

The war was actually going to start from Kong attacking Godzilla, but it’s not clear yet if it was in any way justified or provocative. On the other hand, the idea of ​​an evil Kong installed in the Hollow Earth seems to suggest just that and supports the theory that the species was once led by an evil monster. His possible return would also illustrate the new balance of the movie’s powers: after Allies to face Mechagodzilla In the previous film, the two giants could once again find themselves side by side against an enemy all too familiar to King Kong.

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Another clue emerged from the Small Fears The eyes of the alleged villain: blue, as a force unleashed by Godzilla and the denizens of Inner Earth. Could this be the reason for the outbreak of war between the two species? Pending new confirmations, we present the official synopsis of the film, which reads:

Get ready for an explosive showdown as the mighty Kong and the fearsome Godzilla each face a massive unknown threat lurking within our planet, endangering their very existence and ours. An epic new chapter will delve into the stories of these giants, their origins, and the mysteries of Skull Island and beyond, while also revealing Legendary battle who helped shape these extraordinary beings and forever connect them to humanity.

Adam Wingardformer director of godzilla vs. Kong, he will return to direct the film. Instead the script will be edited and written by Terry Rossio (Epic Pirates of the Caribbean), Jeremy Slater (Moon Knight) And Simon Barrett. They will return from the previous movie Rebecca Hall (Dr. Eileen Andrews), Brian Tyree Henry (Bernie Hayes) H Kylie Hotel (Gia). Instead, it’s among the cast’s new entries Dan StevensAnd Fala ChenAnd Alex Ferns And Rachel House.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire will hit theaters in March 15, 2024. What do you think of this theory? Tell us about you in the comments.

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